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Welcome to join my Christofer Döss Exhib & Public Masturbator Group, you too!


My barefoot lunch break nude walk, scouting for a nude tenting camp site

I went on a totally awesome nude walk, on my lunch break (I work naked from home) last Friday.

It was my second barefoot nude walk/hike of this spring season (I continued nude hiking this last winter too and there are still some snow left here and there).

I was also scouting for a camping site, where I could be tenting naked this upcoming summer - and I found it too! <3<3<3

/Christofer Döss


On the website I have a “MAKE PUBLIC NUDITY MAINSTREAM IN SWEDEN TOO!” petition, for anyone to sign.

In UK they recently had their old fashioned anti nudity laws lifted from the law books, so nowadays they can roam freely, naked in nature as they please, without risking getting caught by the police and prosecuted for that.

That is what I also want to happen in Sweden, as it should be a human right to live a life without clothes, if one chooses to do so!

Click the link below and sign this petition if you also are for that, to MAKE PUBLIC NUDITY MAINSTREAM IN SWEDEN TOO!

Please also share this link to all your friends and followers everywhere and tell them to sign it too!


I have exposed myself publicly online to the world, on a daily basis, since 2008, as my goal is just like yours - to become famous, to be the most well known sexual exhibitionist & public masturator in the whole wide world! 14 years of hard work.

I make and publish my sexy full body nude pix and hot cum vidz (also fully nude) everywhere and all the time, along with my well known Christofer Döss Sex Exhib & Public Masturbator name - and I am so proud of myself and my nude body and my hot material and feel no shame for anything.

That's why I have thousands of thousands of fans from all over the world.

 /Christofer Döss

I am a free spirit, an artist soul expressing my emotions and true inner being with my naked body. I'm also an influential sexual exhibitionist and a bisexual life enjoying nude model loving to be sexually exposed publicly online, with thousands of fans from all over the world. Many of them not only admires my nude work but also wanna become just like me. 

My name is Christofer Döss Sex Exhib, aka nakencrille and I'm so comfy with who I am and where I'm headed. Sooo proud of it too.

Publishing sexy nude pix and hot cum vidz of myself and telling the world who I really am on public websites is not just a turn-on for me it also has become a way of life for the last decade - a beautiful, wonderful and really really REALLY awesome life. 

The best thing is that my thousands of world wide fans loves it as much as I do, and they let me know that, like hundreds of times a day - and the amount of fans grows steadily. 

What can I say more than I really enjoy this life, or as I use to tag: .