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({}) 5 Reasons Men Have Evolved a Taste for Cunnilingus

Most men don’t call going down on women cunnilingus — they call it “pussy immersion.” This is because they don’t just lick the vagina when they give head; they literally “immerse” the face in the sex.

A man likes to feel what he calls the “infinite textures” of the vagina — not just against his tongue but all over his face. He wants to explore the outer lips of the vulva as well as the inner ones. Then he wants to plunge his tongue deep inside of it.

Only afterward does he take the clit into his mouth and suck. But he doesn’t stop there.

He wants his cheeks and chin to become soaked with the juices. He wants to feel the thighs squeeze around the sides of his head, her hips bucking.

And while all this is happening, he wants to savor not just the taste but the scent as well. Sounds hot, right?

Here are five of the reasons that evolutionary psychologists believe modern men may have evolved to have a fondness for playing with a pussy.

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