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Manhattan Heat part 2
Length: 34m 13s
Erik Grant and super-versatile Wilfried Knight pick up Michael Lucas and exclusive J. for a steamy foursome. Then the fun quickly turns into the kind of...
Foot Action part 2
Length: 37m 36s
Swallow! part 2
Length: 21m 21s
Pretty boy David Cain comes across a scantily-clad Brent as he is cleaning the kitchen and they immediately start sucking on each others tongues. Cock-hungry...
Drenched part 2
Length: 30m 53s
Whenever hardcore gay pornstar Antonio Biaggi shows up on set, it
Return to Fire Island,...
Length: 30m 49s
Blue collar hunk and rentboy Rod Barry and slim Jackson Wild walk into their room at the Belvedere, and Jackson is quickly put in his place - on his knees...
Piss! part 2
Length: 18m 35s
Michael Lucas starts the scene by pissing a heavy stream all over Russian stud Antons face and mouth. Michael leans down to kiss his urine soaked face. The...
Drenched part 2
Length: 33m 33s
Marc Dylan might be a muscular, hot-shot pornstar, but it takes Michael Lucas to properly introduce him into the world of raunchy gay porn. Marc begins by...
Swallow! part 2
Length: 20m 37s
Handsome James Jones knows just who to call when hes got the kind of ache that only a man can fix: Dr. Jordan. On his quest for the source of James pain, the...
After Hours part 2
Length: 24m 58s
When we catch Lucio and Mike, they're already in the middle of a hot makeout session on the balcony. They quickly move into the apartment where they continue...
Piss! part 2
Length: 29m 24s
Michael enters the patio to find tan twink Ryan Raz lounging. The two passionately make out , followed by disrobing, and Michael tounges Ryans toes while...
Piss! part 2
Length: 11m 24s
This scene starts with the two young heartthrobs making out, but quickly stripping off all their clothes. After a sloppy blow job, Rob lays on the couch and...
Feet! part 2
Length: 28m 13s
Tattooed stud Ridge Michaels passionately kisses Latino cutie Angel Rivera, then works his way down and feats on his socked foot. Ridge continues the action...
Urine Ibiza part 2
Length: 35m 42s
Nature calls in the great outdoors: smooth and lean lads Sam Barclay and Rowan Bailey are making out in the forest like two young, hot guys fucking around...
Feet! part 2
Length: 29m 38s
Delectable Dean Tucker starts by lapping at smooth Ajay Cavalli's feet by the pool. His long tongue licks every inch of Ajay's beautiful toes, giving all ten...
Swallow! part 2
Length: 25m 33s
Big muscle-hunk Rick Bauer and twinky cumslut Ted make a poolside connection and dive right in to some hot cock-slurping action! Ted starts off by giving...
Cum! part 2
Length: 20m 19s
Cum, cum and more cum is what this showcase of milky white explosions is all about, so find a nice place to enjoy the barrage of boy blasts!
Hard and Wet part 2
Length: 8m 52s
In this outtake from "HARD & WET," Gabriel Lenfant and Jessie Colter explore new territory for Lucas Raunch by sounds -- Jessie savors every second of...
Foot Action part 2
Length: 35m 43s
Cavin Knight is bedded against a drop backdrop: he
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