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Michael Lucas...
Length: 27m 14s
Michael Lucas and Spencer Quest make mince meat of each other in this ferocious round of fuck n' suck atop a bear skin rug!
Hunt & Plunge part 2
Length: 23m 12s
The final orgy is a new scene from the long-awaited Vengeance 2. Direct from the set, Lucas offers a taste of the upcoming video that stars Chad Hunt along...
Hunt & Plunge part 2
Length: 15m 51s
Another explosive orgy, this one from Lifestyles, features Brendan Roo, Mitch Ryder, Jack Simmons and several of the beefy Latin studs Hunt finds so...
Hunt & Plunge part 2
Length: 13m 23s
In another sequence from Fire Island Cruising 2: Guys on Fire, Chad Hunt is paired with supercute Chris Bolt for some scorching suck-and-fuck action.
Hunt & Plunge part 2
Length: 12m 40s
One of Hunt's finest orgy scenes, this poolside romp from Fire Island Cruising 2: Guys on Fire also features Richie Fine, Erik Martins and many of the sexy,...
Hunt & Plunge part 2
Length: 20m 54s
In this sequence, his own debut from Fire Island Cruising, Chad Hunt fucks Anthony Ferrat on a deck.
Hunt & Plunge
Length: 30m 37s
In a scene filmed especially for Hunt & Plunge, Chad Hunt breaks in newcomer Zach Jayden with a ferocious fuck. First, the smooth bottom guy sucks Hunt's...
Lucas on Top part 2
Length: 29m 47s
Jackson Price and Michael Lucas are men's men of the first order in this glorious display of debauchery and decadence!
Lucas on Top part 2
Length: 16m 21s
Michael Lucas fucks and sucks his way to the TOP in this compilation of some of his best action to date! Yum.
Lucas on Top part 2
Length: 46m 14s
Aaron Heights and Michael Lucas are top dogs in this scintillating scene for the ages!
Lucas on Top
Length: 26m 11s
This compilation scene of Michael Lucas's dirty work shows the luminary him at his raunchy best!
Cruising Budapest III:...
Length: 35m 33s
Michael Lucas has repeatedly called this "the hottest scene I've ever shot". Coming from the legendary gay adult impresario himself, that is a lofty claim....
Piss On Me part 2
Length: 8m 24s
Michael Lucas takes his pee-pee passion out all over the willing and eager Carsten Andersson in the tub. Lucas's un-cut cock is beloved by Andersson and the...
Piss On Me part 2
Length: 24m 01s
Steven Daigle and Conner Habib have their stinking, foul, piss-soaked work cut out for them in this nasty scene set in a janitorial back room. Indulging in...
Desire part 2
Length: 38m 53s
Tyler Saint obsesses over Adam Richards, a boy he found online, and all the dirty things he wants to do with him. When confronted with what he desires lying...
Men in Suits part 2
Length: 31m 30s
After meeting on a Manhattan sidewalk and admiring each others sharp suits, Alessio Romero and Conner Habib share a few short kisses in public before taking...
Urine Fist Fest part 2
Length: 36m 45s
When we catch these steamy sex-pots, they're already entwined in a passionate make-out and grope session that would make any sex pig drool. Christian and...
Chad Hunt Collection...
Length: 35m 00s
Tommy Deluca gorges himself on Chad Hunt's major member, taking it deep in more ways than one in this fuck-tastic scene.
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