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Giantess POV- Feet and Anal
0 Stars
1m 57s
Preview of my movie that features me as a giantess, stomping, and then pushing a micro inbtween my ass cheeks to keep in
Hungry Giantess
0 Stars
1m 12s
To purchase the rest of the video, please e-mail me atDO NOT POST PERSONAL INFO HERE Thanks!
Vore - 2 ladies topless
5 Stars
0m 56s
Vore - 2 ladies topless enjoying a meal To her great surprize Amanda found many tiny people living in her box of cereal
Cheese, crackers, and MUCH
5 Stars
1m 40s
After Amanda and Shannon get a snack of pre packaged cheese and crackers from Farrah they soon discover that they got
Chew and Bite 004
0 Stars
0m 21s
Part 2: Women Biting and Eating

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Favored FLAGRANT fetid
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and fornicative furnishings. foul reprimand of FEMALE FINERY, along with devotion to certain cirCUMstance such as belly