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Apple Dutchess from Pa...
5 Stars
0m 56s
Apple Dutchess from Pa gets pounded by Smash Trucker. She loves to make guys...
chillin in the Nasti Nati
5 Stars
3m 19s
Erotic Time Parties and Trucker Couple...check us out!!!
Big titty Capris Red...
5 Stars
1m 11s
Big titty redhead Capris Red sucks and fucks Smash Trucker's cock on our...
eat my ass
4 Stars
1m 52s
Smash Trucker eats phillys own Apple Dutchess out from the back!. Full vid...
Trucker motha fucker
4 Stars
1m 33s
Its jus weird how this stuff keeps being dropped on me. Then I gotta drop it...

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Trucker Flashing...
5 Stars
21 pics
On our way back from RudeBall, NLM and I had a little fun with the empty...
Glade Spring, VA...
5 Stars
14 pics
Actual pics we took while at the Truck Stop. We stopped to get something to...
Gun shopping!!!...
5 Stars
9 pics
We live in AZ so Guns are a must!!!! Kween is a gun freek! Yes we got the...
TRUCKER - SEX in the...
5 Stars
16 pics
At a truck stop I met a trucker and we then also about my passion - speaking...
Love, honesty, trust...
5 Stars
8 pics
Its a good thing!!!
Home in Phoenix
5 Stars
11 pics
Chillin at Westgate.. Bar hopping