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Gettin off to the...
video: Gettin off to the BodyGoddess
5 Stars
7m 03s
Yea I know it's been a while, but hell ya boy be too busy or too tired lol....
5 Stars
1m 34s
video: Curvaceous
5 Stars
4m 30s
showing off my curves as usual, hope you enjoy watching this big ass wiggle...
Can You Fuck Me!!
video: Can You Fuck Me!!
4 Stars
3m 07s
Soooo we do this everyday.. but no BJ this time just a nice hard fucking from...
Busty in a Red Dress...
video: Busty in a Red Dress on Brown Skin
5 Stars
3m 26s
This Ass Busting Out A Tiny Red Thong...in other words.... lady in Red!!...
TBT "The Challenge"
video: TBT "The Challenge"
5 Stars
1m 17s
ThrowBackThursday... This dick was definitely a challenge but I did my job!!...
Out The Vault Pt. 2
video: Out The Vault Pt. 2
5 Stars
1m 06s
Lets take turns me on top you on the bottom and vice versa giving him the...
Back Shots! Pt. 2
video: Back Shots! Pt. 2
5 Stars
2m 29s
I love shaking my Huge Mahogany Ass and Jumbo Jugs for you!! Check out my...
Back Shots!
video: Back Shots!
5 Stars
3m 45s
soooo I decided to film my big ass in this tiny thong for #ThongThursday! I...
Oiled Ass!
video: Oiled Ass!
5 Stars
5m 05s
Get ready to bust a huge nut all over the place as I oil my huge ass and play...
Let Me Cater 2 U!
video: Let Me Cater 2 U!
5 Stars
4m 13s
Just imagine how it would feel for me to cater to you! Ladies If you love...
Cool Whip!
video: Cool Whip!
5 Stars
0m 36s
riding this cock dripping in cream all over my ass and pussy until I cum,...

best body
best body by nastie187
5 Stars
3 pics
The bodygoddess always makes me horny
Red Dress on Brown Skin
Red Dress on Brown Skin by TheBodyGoddess
5 Stars
6 pics
...... in other words... "Lady in Red" Showing off my Curves... What I do...
Jazzie's Ass!
Jazzie's Ass! by TheBodyGoddess
5 Stars
3 pics
just a couple of ass shots!! We're all adults here!
Red nets and Tiny...
Red nets and Tiny G-string! by TheBodyGoddess
5 Stars
7 pics
red lace and tiny black g-string
The Body Goddess
The Body Goddess by bigdickbagz
5 Stars
2 pics
this is for thebodygoddess she's a bad bitch the #1 bad bitch
Happy Hump Day
Happy Hump Day by TheBodyGoddess
5 Stars
4 pics
Happy Hump Day From Jazzie Que Everyone!! Muah you guys and gals are sooo...
Pretty in Pink!
Pretty in Pink! by TheBodyGoddess
5 Stars
6 pics
just jazzie in her pink looking so sweet!
Black and Yellow
Black and Yellow by TheBodyGoddess
5 Stars
6 pics
just jazzie in her yellow shorts and tiny tee..
Just Jazzie
Just Jazzie by TheBodyGoddess
5 Stars
4 pics
some of me for all of you!
Know Your Status!
Know Your Status! by TheBodyGoddess
5 Stars
2 pics
Negative April 2014 Update! I'm not as reckless as you think!
Those Footies!!
Those Footies!! by TheBodyGoddess
5 Stars
4 pics
yea I was out so I decided to take a few pictures... nothing special...
Its Jazzie!
Its Jazzie! by TheBodyGoddess
5 Stars
4 pics
who hasn't ate Hersheys Chocolate??