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Fishing Humor
video: Fishing Humor
1 Stars
2m 20s
Fishing Humor
Granny Catches a Peek...
video: Granny Catches a Peek at her BOYS peeing
5 Stars
3m 49s
Granny's quite a "character" and up to her usual humor once again as she...
Mr. Coyote
video: Mr. Coyote
5 Stars
2m 09s
Kilts and Humor
video: Kilts and Humor
5 Stars
1m 26s
Human Nature :P
Ed rides the Chair
video: Ed rides the Chair
5 Stars
0m 22s
Sweet Ed hubby on a trip rides the huge rocking chair ! Funny not suire when...
Fighting The Turkey
video: Fighting The Turkey
1 Stars
0m 32s
Def Poetry - Rock Baby
video: Def Poetry - Rock Baby
5 Stars
2m 25s
Naked Sky Diving
video: Naked Sky Diving
1 Stars
0m 39s
Messing with napping...
video: Messing with napping guy, humorous 2012
0 Stars
3m 15s
Silly video I made in 2012 messing with napping guy, found it on my laptop,...
Dancing piggie in cartoon
video: Dancing piggie in cartoon
5 Stars
1m 27s
This clip is full of nothing but humor so I only saw it suiting to put it in...
Dirty Christmas song (...
video: Dirty Christmas song ( Suck on my cock )
5 Stars
1m 17s
A little Christmas humor.
How The Apple Bottom...
video: How The Apple Bottom Dutch Queen Begins
5 Stars
1m 56s
It was a full house on this day... there were a host of characters including...
dime piece?
video: dime piece?
4 Stars
2m 54s
...this clip is kinda funny.
Hot Latina Couple 2
video: Hot Latina Couple 2
5 Stars
0m 29s
This Unforgettable Des Moins visit w/ this couple, was vidtaped by her cool...
How you say it - matters
video: How you say it - matters
5 Stars
0m 37s
Sometimes being on cam is frustrating... tip your waiters and waitresses -...
The LapDance promo
video: The LapDance promo
4 Stars
3m 24s
So on a hot humor night I met a fella who wanted to spend some "TIME &...
I Found Ms. New Booty!!
video: I Found Ms. New Booty!!
5 Stars
0m 49s
When Marshae Came To Visit, I Had No idea she was this naughty... she was so...
Ms. Marshae Hangs With...
video: Ms. Marshae Hangs With Camilly
5 Stars
4m 06s
Ms Nikita Blue and Ms. Marcia Black engage in a little girl talk with Ms...
Our XXX Casting Couch...
video: Our XXX Casting Couch (Interview)
5 Stars
5m 32s
A lot of times we hold an interview with the chicks we film. Jus really...
I Rode His Face
video: I Rode His Face
5 Stars
2m 14s
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