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This Hoe from bangkok,
4 Stars
2m 44s
My Trip to thailand fucking asian Hoes with Phat Ass.
Barber Shop Cuntette
4 Stars
7m 12s
These four hotties from Wankus' Smell My Finger show played musical clam licks on a recent RudeTV show!
Real sexpat video from
4 Stars
0m 52s
Amateur sexpat video from a tourist in Thailand. Thai girls fucked in the ass and pussies with no condoms. Creampies,
Go Dolphins!!
5 Stars
3m 36s
Wankus got a visit from his very own Miami Dolphin's Cheerleader Monday night on RudeTV...his Coho...Jessica Bangkok of
Jessica Bangkok of Oakland
4 Stars
1m 54s
Love my Monday Night CoHo
Wankus Eats, Jessica Eats,
5 Stars
2m 41s
Shayne Ryder came by for a visit/interview turned out of control pussy eating party. Wankus and Jessica Bangkok are just
Wankus & Rude do Bangkok
4 Stars
6m 40s
Personality Wankus spent the weekend in Bangkok with the Rude TV crew and documented the fun on video!
The Gurrrrl with the TAIL
4 Stars
3m 03s
Monroe Valentino came on SMF with a bunch of other hotties and during a fun girl on girl on girl on girl....HOLY
Nasty Young Asian (preview)
5 Stars
1m 03s
Nasty new cummer Nikki Bangkok gets her first taste of black meat...see the full video in my rude flix section titled"
Shayyyyy babyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!
5 Stars
3m 39s
Since Miami Killed the Pats
5 Stars
3m 50s
I gotta add this video to the collection as Jessica's pussy may have brought us luck! LOL
Jessica Pulls A Vanessa
4 Stars
4m 54s
If you recall recently, Vanessa Leon went pee during the show and forgot that her microphone was still on. She talked to
Wankus & Jessica Dance to
4 Stars
7m 17s
The guests were boring, the energy sunk, there's only one way to bring it back! Indian recording artist, Benny Lava! The
The Death of 52 of My
5 Stars
3m 57s
It was a sad (but funny) speech Wankus gave on his show with Jessica Bangkok. But now he can put them to rest!
Get It In
3 Stars
2m 47s
Me and me bm doin da dooski...............her hubby dont kno so keep it a secret lol.
Get It In Part 2
4 Stars
3m 00s
Still diggin in her guts. Dat pussy good as hell.
SMELL the Dirty Improv
4 Stars
9m 41s
Your psycho Smell My Finger host, Wankus, along with his completely nutcase XXX friends decided to change things up
Jessica Bangkok's English
4 Stars
2m 45s
Now we no why Jessica Bangkok became a gorgeous porn star instead of say...a librarian. When she came over here on the
SMELL the Dirty Improv
5 Stars
12m 31s
The story of a prince i search of the perfect pussy, with the great townspeople who help him on his quest and an evil
The Pipe Smokers!
4 Stars
3m 15s
Sal McVey has a crush on Wankus. Wankus wants no part of it. So Sal found new friends to play with...and his METHod of

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My Own Miami Dolphins
5 Stars
8 pics
Jessica Bangkok surprised me Monday night by coming out dressed as a Miami Dolphins favorite team may
Elaine Ang Gallery 1
5 Stars
10 pics
Pics taken on 6th July 2004 while having sex with a businessman boyfren in a hotel in Bangkok in Thailand.
My Future Ex-Wife
5 Stars
8 pics
Jessica Bangkok of Oakland! GAWD DAMMM I gotta hit that shit!
Bangkok bitches
5 Stars
5 pics
Bangkok bitches
Random Pics from Smell My
5 Stars
20 pics
Wankus and his CoHos always have a lotta's some random pics from the last several months of shows!
Jessica Wanted to Ride
5 Stars
18 pics
Jessica Bangkok and Wankus welcomed Shayne Rider to the show and...well...rode her! LOL
titanium bar bangkok
4 Stars
2 pics
a couple of pics of the wife and sammy in the frozen bar, everything is made of ice and they serve a mean vodka shot,
5 Stars
1 pic
My lil' elephant buddy!
bangkok skyline
4 Stars
7 pics
from the 28th floor, another amazing concrete jungle