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My FliX

Sexy Str8 Brotha Luv.. Sexy Str8 Brotha Luvs Femboiz
Rated 3 Stars
This sexy azz straight Negro is a fan of mine. He hit me up a couple of...
Li'l Big Man & P.. Li'l Big Man & Puzziboi
Rated 0 Stars
I met this fine ass short dude when I was pumping gas after leaving the mall...
Romantic Interlude w.. Romantic Interlude w/ Cousin's Godfather
Rated 0 Stars
Heres another vid with my cousins godfather. This was an incredibly romantic...
Georgia Thug vs. Puz.. Georgia Thug vs. Puzziboi
Rated 0 Stars
This sexy big dick thug just got married a few weeks ago. He told her was...
My Cousin's Godfathe.. My Cousin's Godfather Part Deux
Rated 5 Stars
My cousins godfather wanted a repeat with me so he worked overtime to give...
Young'n Fucks Puzziboi Young'n Fucks Puzziboi
Rated 0 Stars
This sexy young brotha always hits me up asking if I want a taste of his BBC....
Femboi Pounded by Co.. Femboi Pounded by Cousin's Godfather
Rated 5 Stars
I visited my aunt & uncle this weekend. My cousins godfather came over...
Mississippi Thug vs... Mississippi Thug vs. Femboi
Rated 0 Stars
I met this this sexy trade thug at a liquor store when I was visiting family...
Married Coach Fucks .. Married Coach Fucks Puzziboi
Rated 0 Stars
This married high school football coach sent me a message saying he'd seen my...
Green with Envy Green with Envy
Rated 0 Stars
This athlete fucked my boipussy outta this world! Watch as he uses me good.
Sensual Thug Lovin' Sensual Thug Lovin'
Rated 0 Stars
This super sexy country thug has some amazing dick. And, he loves how I talk...
Deacon Fucks Puzzibo.. Deacon Fucks Puzziboi FULL
Rated 0 Stars
This Chairman of the Deacon Board loves fucking me. Listen closely and you'll...
Digging Out That Ass.. Digging Out That AssPussy
Rated 0 Stars
Met up with one of my Twitter followers and he fucked me good all weekend....
Monster Dick & T.. Monster Dick & The Pussyboi
Rated 5 Stars
I met this man in ATL. He was tall, mature, sexy,& hung like a mule. He...
Sexy Soldier Gets It.. Sexy Soldier Gets It In
Rated 5 Stars
This sexy white soldier thinks I am so hot. I feel the same about him. He has...
We Love to Fuck We Love to Fuck
Rated 5 Stars
D.J. texted me saying he loves to fuck me. I replied in kind and asked if he...
Now That's a Good Bar Now That's a Good Bar
Rated 5 Stars
This guy is a fan of my vids and hit me up so he could be in one. He gets...
The Prodigal FemBoi .. The Prodigal FemBoi Returns
Rated 0 Stars
I debated retiring from making these vids. I decided to keep going for a...
Just Fucking Just Fucking
Rated 0 Stars
Nubius came over and wanted to fuck. I sucked his dick off cam, but turned it...
Wedding Bells Wedding Bells
Rated 0 Stars
This very sexy, big dicked brotha asked me to marry him after we fucked....
Atomic Returns Atomic Returns
Rated 0 Stars
This Que Dawg can't get enough of my boipussy. It's true that I love giving...
Young Thug Fucks Puz.. Young Thug Fucks Puzziboi
Rated 0 Stars
This 20 year old thug hit me up on Tagged asking me to come suck his dick. I...
Passionate Thug Passionate Thug
Rated 0 Stars
This thug is very passionate and kisses me tenderly. Enjoy!
Atomic Dawg Fucks Ki.. Atomic Dawg Fucks Kitty Kat Boi
Rated 4 Stars
II went out as a kitten for Halloween and met this sexy 22 year-old. He kept...
Good God Almighty Good God Almighty
Rated 5 Stars
My boipussy was so good, I made this sexy truck driver say "Good God...
Down the Shore Down the Shore
Rated 0 Stars
This sexy Marine officer rented a beach house for a long weekend to enjoy his...
Bodybuilder & Puzziboi Bodybuilder & Puzziboi
Rated 0 Stars
Met this hairy muscular soldier and we had a great time. I was only his...
F-Train Booty F-Train Booty
Rated 0 Stars
I met this guy while I was riding the F-train, He kept checking me out on the...
New Neighbor New Neighbor
Rated 0 Stars
I was so down when my neighbor from the "Honeymoon's Over" and "Homewrecker"...
O.G. Goes Verbal O.G. Goes Verbal
Rated 5 Stars
Here's another vid of O.G. fucking my faggy pussy. Ever since I turned him...
Sin City Chronicles Sin City Chronicles
Rated 0 Stars
I met this guy in a Vegas casino. He kept making eye contact, but never...
6:00 p.m. Curfew 6:00 p.m. Curfew
Rated 0 Stars
This sexy brotha was recently paroled and he was wearing an ankle bracelet...
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