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Jamaican Dick on St... Jamaican Dick on St. Patrick's Day FULL
3 Stars
Met this sexy Jamaican at a sports bar. He recognized my Afro and asked if I...
Xmas in Memphis Xmas in Memphis
5 Stars
Ate a good lunch with fam on Xmas then drove to MEM to meet this fine young bruh
Mr. Polo bs Puzziboi Mr. Polo bs Puzziboi
3 Stars
My former loud man got locked up. Found a new one that also likes fag pussi
T-Smack & Puzzib.. T-Smack & Puzziboi FULL
4 Stars
me in a motel with this fine ass nigg
Cousin's Godfather: .. Cousin's Godfather: Reunited FULL
0 Stars
Lenny came through to pound my sissy boipussy with his big grown man dick. It...
T-Smack vs Puzziboi T-Smack vs Puzziboi
5 Stars
He came thru again to fuck my boipussy
Smoking with T Smack Smoking with T Smack
5 Stars
T Smack Killah came thru with that loud and that BBC
Cousin's Godfather: .. Cousin's Godfather: Balcony to Bedroom
4 Stars
Uncle Lenny's old sexy ass came through to fuck my boipussy once again. It...
Cousin's Godfather: .. Cousin's Godfather: More Banging FULL
0 Stars
Uncle Lenny comes back over for more role play sex
Booty Shake for Body.. Booty Shake for Bodybuilder
5 Stars
T-Smack Killah fucked me good after I shook my ass and sucked his dick
Amateur Bodybuilder .. Amateur Bodybuilder vs Puzziboi
5 Stars
He wanted to get high and fuck...So we did!
Still SUpporting the.. Still SUpporting the Troops Again
5 Stars
Another hot night with SGT Arachno
ATL Daddy Fucks Sissy ATL Daddy Fucks Sissy
5 Stars
Married bruh from ATL gave me the D while his wife was outta town
Sissy & Stepdad .. Sissy & Stepdad Role Play
0 Stars
The godfather wanted to do some serious role play this time. It was fun/ Enjoy!
Puzziboi & The L.. Puzziboi & The Loud Man
5 Stars
Met this dealer on POF. I bought some loud and asked him to roll it up. Then...
Amateur Bodybuilder .. Amateur Bodybuilder vs Puzziboi Again
5 Stars
He got locked up for a month. When he was released, I was the first call he...
Big Dick DC Thug Big Dick DC Thug
5 Stars
I got a hit on kik from this guy a few months ago wanting to know when I...
Cuz Godfather:: Siss.. Cuz Godfather:: Sissy Fag Mini Dress
5 Stars
Full vid of another hot session with my cousin's godfather.
Amateur Bodybuilder .. Amateur Bodybuilder vs Puzziboi Part III
0 Stars
This amateur bodybuilder also wants to be a rapper. Maybe my boipussy will...
Puzziboi Does N'awli.. Puzziboi Does N'awlins: Twice as Nice
0 Stars
This married brotha has a great body and pounds with vigor. We both enjoyed...
Puzziboi Does N'awli.. Puzziboi Does N'awlins: Donkey Dick Down
5 Stars
Got dicked down by this donkey dick New Orleans plumber
Amateur Bodybuilder .. Amateur Bodybuilder vs. Puzziboi Part 4
5 Stars
This nigga came back to see me. We blazed and he tore me up! Enjoy!!!
Cousin's Godfather M.. Cousin's Godfather Makes Love
0 Stars
My cousins godfather came through again. This time we did lots of positions...
Amateur Bodybuilder .. Amateur Bodybuilder Fucks Prison Bitch
0 Stars
The amateur bodybuilder hit me up about his drive home. He thought my...
Supporting the Troops Supporting the Troops
5 Stars
Even though I think war is senseless, I still support the troops. In ancient...
Amateur Bodybuilder .. Amateur Bodybuilder vs. Puzziboi
0 Stars
This fan of mine is an amateur bodybuilder. He hit me up because he was going...
Dr. Bayou & Pris.. Dr. Bayou & Prison Sissy
5 Stars
This Louisiana thug drove 5 hours to make a vid with me. We did a prison...
Quickie While Wife i.. Quickie While Wife is at Beauty Shop
5 Stars
I met this sexy married nigga with four kids at a car wash. He told me I...
Cousin's Godfather: .. Cousin's Godfather: Birthday Fuck
0 Stars
My cousin's godfather wanted to fuck me for my birthday...Enjoy!!!
Disturbing the Neigh.. Disturbing the Neighbor
0 Stars
My cousins godfather gave me some serious dick this night at the hotel....
Cousin's Godfather: .. Cousin's Godfather: Intense Fuck
0 Stars
This is yet another vid of a fun time I had with my cousins godfather. It was...
Sexy Str8 Brotha Luv.. Sexy Str8 Brotha Luvs Femboiz
3 Stars
This sexy azz straight Negro is a fan of mine. He hit me up a couple of...
Li'l Big Man & P.. Li'l Big Man & Puzziboi
5 Stars
I met this fine ass short dude when I was pumping gas after leaving the mall...
Romantic Interlude w.. Romantic Interlude w/ Cousin's Godfather
0 Stars
Heres another vid with my cousins godfather. This was an incredibly romantic...
Georgia Thug vs. Puz.. Georgia Thug vs. Puzziboi
5 Stars
This sexy big dick thug just got married a few weeks ago. He told her was...
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