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My Cock
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This is my cock. Long, thick, and shaved smooth. Let me bury it deep inside...
Freshly Shaved Cock
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Just shaved my cock and surrounding area for the first time.
Shaved Cock and Balls...
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Posing outdoors with a shaved big cock and smooth balls
long thick smooth dick
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long thick smooth dick
smooth cock
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hot bath n shaved smooth
Giving Cock - Shaved...
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Love it in my ass and mouth, both pissing and cum from a big bare cock, or...
Hard smooth cock and...
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Showing hard erect cock and then fist fucking my own ass
Shaved hard cock
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Big shaved smooth cock getting hard
My big long smooth dick
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Ladies u kno u want this long dick if u do inbox me
Shaved Cock Play......
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Smooth hard and pissing penis play...
Outdoor Smooth Penis...
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Enjoying the outdoor and a smooth piss squirting penis in the mouth and ass...
cock dick erection...
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cock dick erection white big long
Penis Plug and my...
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Shaved smooth and in my cock with a penis plug
Fist Fucked and Ass...
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Dropping shorts and bending over for more than a cock... ass gets fist fucked...
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Outdoor Piss shower...
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Outdoors, I play with my cock and balls as my squirting penis gives me a...
me and my cock
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my cock nice and smooth
Outdoor shave big cock...
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Outdoors showing my shaved cock and balls
My shaved cock pissing
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Pics of my shaved smooth cock and balls and pissing
Outdoor cock and...
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Playing with my shaved cock and balls outdoors and ass fucking huge toys
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