Weekend News

Since we are only allowed to upload 10 minutes at a time the weekend Rude news from Paperpornovia is split into 2 segments. This is part 1.
8:21 - Plaedies uploaded Jul 20, 2007


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Video: More Rude News?

More Rude News?
Length: 9m 55s

Well, things are breaking fast and furious here in Paperpornovia... at least I thought they were. Watch the video and you will see. Beware of bored...

Video: news rude paper p vote Pornovia

news rude paper p vote...
Length: 7m 40s

April Fools? Maybe not! I said I would be back on April 1st and here I am.

Video: It's NEWS, dammit!!!

It's NEWS, dammit!!!
Length: 7m 23s

I have been asked to be a correspondent for RNN... the Rude News Network. Now in my country, we don't have a lot of money so my segments won't be as...

Video: 2nd Broadcast of RNN

2nd Broadcast of RNN
Length: 1m 59s

Totally 100% clean version Rude Anchors Kylie Peach and Thunder Savage. Bringing you the best of RUDE news with the help of everyone!

Video: RNN Outtakes

RNN Outtakes
Length: 2m 40s

RNN Outtakes

Video: The REAL RNN for Feb

The REAL RNN for Feb
Length: 8m 54s

Sorry that the video does not work in the magazine guys! It works here I promise!

Video: Mz2damncute Presents Her Rude Recruits

Mz2damncute Presents...
Length: 3m 18s

Thats Right Mz2damncute isn't just a short n sexy Bbw & pretty face I've been Very Busy With A Few Projects Here & There Here Is 1 Project I been...

Video: Rude Chat 101 - So You Want To Be An Op?

Rude Chat 101 - So You...
Length: 9m 38s

The first video in the Rude Chat 101 series, this addresses those who want to become a RUDE appointed moderator.

Video: December Rude Plug Twas the Night

December Rude Plug...
Length: 5m 50s

Before Rude Christmas. Rude Plug from Ravynsxxx. Please enjoy!