8 Scens of Multi Pissing Hot Action

Scene #1 Peeing in my bright yellow dress at first while standing in the bathtub. I spread my legs wide and aim and pee out some bright yellow pee. Scene #2 Totally nude in my bathtub again and pee a short once, then splash/rinse my sweet little pussy off Scene #3 Dressed in my white sweater, I zoom the camcorder in for some REALLY CLOSE UP hot pisssing action. You get a GREAT view of my pussy and then I splash it off. Scene #4 I sit on the commode, pull down my skin tight jeans shorts and let out a nice fast stream of amber piss while talking on the phone. LOL, little did he know I was pisssing all over the commode as I talked! Then I wipe my little twat dry. Scene #5 In a sexy black dress in the tub, I begin to pee like crazy. I almost pee all over the camcorder and don't have great aim! haha Scene #6 Super super sexy shot of me sitting in the bathtub with my legs spread wide and a HUGE STREAM of pee comes out. You can hear it POUND the bottom of the over sized tub. Scene #7 Toilet scene and a little tiny, ummm, well, toot, comes along with this one. This clip is very clear, well lit and cute with candy wrappers all in the toilet! Scene #8 Im followed in the bathroom by a sub of mine to film me in a super super sexy little clip. LOL We don't edit it and he's tripping that he gets to see his Mistress peeing. I'm in a sexy dress and squat on the commode and look super good. I finally begin to pee and he zooms in for the hot action.
0:39 - LadyEveDomme uploaded Oct 6, 2009

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