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2:09 - TwizYourGirl uploaded Sep 30, 2007


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Video: Sunset...Lake Erie

Sunset...Lake Erie
Length: 3m 24s

Join Harley Dan and myself as we marvel at another creation of the earth and sky...xoxoxo and ^6

Video: "Roar On the Shore"-Dyno Run

"Roar On the...
Length: 2m 04s

For all you horsepower and noise fans...listen as they run a dyno test on a Shadow with a big bore kit....kewl beans and ^6..Excuse the low light, my bad he he

Video: "Roar On the Shore presents...

"Roar On the Shore...
Length: 1m 47s

Friday night in downtown Erie with Blackfoot....Enjoy...we did xoxoxo ^6

Video: S.M.Y.T. or Harley's New Shirt

S.M.Y.T. or Harley's...
Length: 1m 43s

Video made by Dan(narrator) featuring Harley_Quinzell(Flasher) at Roar On the Shore...Kewl beans y'all xoxoxox

Video: "Roar On the Shore"-Presque Isle

"Roar On the...
Length: 3m 37s

The second part of the Mayors Run in Erie, PA brought to you by our newest videographer Harley_Qinzell....Yayyyy!!! Enjoy and ^6 y'all

Video: Roar On the Shore-Sportster from Hell

Roar On the...
Length: 1m 06s

Hanging out waiting for the Mayors run to start, we came across a strange creature...Kewl beans y'all xoxoxo and ^6

Video: roar on the shore 2010 with tweety ,dan

roar on the shore 2010...
Length: 0m 54s

the gang and i went to a bike ralley in erie pa which is my home town and tweety took some video

Video: Roar On the Shore 2.."Goin Downtown"

Roar On the Shore...
Length: 1m 27s

Just a quick view of what may be downtown lol xoxoxo ^6

Video: Roar On the Shore

Roar On the Shore
Length: 0m 54s

We had a long, hot ride to Erie so we decided to go for a swim. I am showing Dan my kewl new video camera...Kewl beans