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2:09 - TwizYourGirl uploaded Sep 30, 2007


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Video: Horny ladies go wild during this party!

Horny ladies go wild...
Length: 7m 21s

Lots of lovely ladies in the house tonight. We have sexy Gringas, Latinas and Negras craving for the dick to come out and play. These ladies are horny and we...

Video: Sunset...Lake Erie

Sunset...Lake Erie
Length: 3m 24s

Join Harley Dan and myself as we marvel at another creation of the earth and sky...xoxoxo and ^6

Video: "Roar On the Shore"-Dyno Run

"Roar On the...
Length: 2m 04s

For all you horsepower and noise fans...listen as they run a dyno test on a Shadow with a big bore kit....kewl beans and ^6..Excuse the low light, my bad he he

Video: "Roar On the Shore presents...

"Roar On the Shore...
Length: 1m 47s

Friday night in downtown Erie with Blackfoot....Enjoy...we did xoxoxo ^6

Video: S.M.Y.T. or Harley's New Shirt

S.M.Y.T. or Harley's...
Length: 1m 43s

Video made by Dan(narrator) featuring Harley_Quinzell(Flasher) at Roar On the Shore...Kewl beans y'all xoxoxox

Video: "Roar On the Shore"-Presque Isle

"Roar On the...
Length: 3m 37s

The second part of the Mayors Run in Erie, PA brought to you by our newest videographer Harley_Qinzell....Yayyyy!!! Enjoy and ^6 y'all

Video: Roar On the Shore-Sportster from Hell

Roar On the...
Length: 1m 06s

Hanging out waiting for the Mayors run to start, we came across a strange creature...Kewl beans y'all xoxoxo and ^6

Video: roar on the shore 2010 with tweety ,dan

roar on the shore 2010...
Length: 0m 54s

the gang and i went to a bike ralley in erie pa which is my home town and tweety took some video

Video: Roar On the Shore 2.."Goin Downtown"

Roar On the Shore...
Length: 1m 27s

Just a quick view of what may be downtown lol xoxoxo ^6