Long ride rhetoric

a midlife crisis update
6:08 - Radmul-Hawke uploaded Oct 23, 2007


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Video: Harley cleaning the bike POCKETS

Harley cleaning the...
Length: 1m 55s

Pockets and Me wiping the bike down so we could go for a ride

Video: Bike ride pt1

Bike ride pt1
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I wiggle & jiggle on a bike

Video: Bike Riding

Bike Riding
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Bike Riding at BFFs House

Video: bike Harley Wheel

bike Harley Wheel
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My bike is busy resurrecting itself..much like "Christine", spooky huh!!

Video: the morning after

the morning after
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first camping trip a crisis update

Video: A night at the beach

A night at the beach
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a crisis update from the road

Video: Travel Stress

Travel Stress
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Nilou Achtland shows you how to workout while on the road . For the person who's always on the go staying in motel room ........ Don't let that pizza , soda...

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Nude rude public...
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Another clip from the Rudegirl archive. A naked public bikeride with a dildo up my ass. Yes it was done for a bet - and I won. Sorry the quality is poor...

Video: Flooded Out

Flooded Out
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This is how the first couple of days went on my camping trip! It was a disaster!!