Real Dick Riding in Heel HD part 2

This video is in HD, as you can tell riding is what I love to do. The story behind this one is.....I was at home relaxing and I want to go out for the night with my girl. When I arrived at the club it seem like the more I drink the wetter my pussy got. On my way home I called ninja to let him know I had a problem and it be really to eat this pussy. As I was pulling up to the my home ninja was to sooooooo......this is how I end up riding his dick with heels, I had a dress on and in one move the dress was off lol Enjoy and big shout out to the S1D family You can purchase the full video in my flix section. { } Visit for more Ninja fucking part 2
1:27 - DESIRE5000 uploaded Jun 20, 2010


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