Group Show Guidelines

The 10th video in the RUDE Chat 101 series follows up the voyeur chat guidelines with the differences in the group show guidelines.
9:06 - RudeMcP uploaded Apr 19, 2008

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Video: Chat Mailbag

Chat Mailbag
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the 11th installment of the RUDE Chat 101 series touches on soundless group shows, private messaging in chat and the search for the updated macro

Video: What Red and Green Ops Do

What Red and Green Ops Do
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The 3rd installment in the Rude chat 101 series focuses on what the red and green ops do in a chat room, what's similar and how they differ.

Video: Voyeur House Guidelines

Voyeur House Guidelines
Length: 9m 44s

The 9th video in the RUDE Chat 101 series tells of RUDE(c)'s concept of what a voyeur house should be and the main guidelines for chatting in voyeur house.

Video: The Big 4 - Part 1

The Big 4 - Part 1
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The 5th video in the Rude Chat 101 series focuses on a brief history of the chat rooms and the use of 2 of the 4 major buttons, the warn button and the mute...

Video: Button Hysteria

Button Hysteria
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March Rude Plug:...
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Video: Rude Chat 101 - So You Want To Be An Op?

Rude Chat 101 - So You...
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The first video in the Rude Chat 101 series, this addresses those who want to become a RUDE appointed moderator.

Video: McP talks About Chesty

McP talks About Chesty
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A special Valentine's Day interview as McP reveals his feelings for Chestylicious (as if you didn't know). lol

Video: Chat Line Preview

Chat Line Preview
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I was laying in the bed pleasing myself when i could not not get that nut i wanted.I went throught my phone and call everyone and no one answer so i called...

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