it back at it

workin it
0:17 - That_dude60 uploaded Apr 11, 2007


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Video: ass ass ass ass

ass ass ass ass
Length: 2m 00s

this vid was also made for a fan of mines...hope u all like ass :) lol enjoy

Video: Ass lovers

Ass lovers
Length: 0m 50s

I got bored and thought I would shake my ass.. I wasn't really tryin and I didn't have music but damn I got a big ass.. LOL. Please rate and comment!! Oh...

Video: ass teaser

ass teaser
Length: 0m 15s

hair n ball shaking ass lol enjoy small short clip

Video: nice ass 2

nice ass 2
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damn this a nice ass lol!!!!!

Video: so Ass or Tits ?

so Ass or Tits ?
Length: 1m 47s

made that specially for you my fans to help you to decide what you like more: my tits or my ass lol in case you need my help call me for live demonstation...

Video: trying to shake my ass

trying to shake my ass
Length: 1m 03s

this is my first vid!..I don't know how to shake my but enjoy anyways (sorry about the t.v...I was watching animal planet earlier)

Video: Fast food flash

Fast food flash
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We were coming from a club. Stopped off at a fast food drive through. And well......

Video: Nakita Nipples Juicy Peach Quick Twerk

Nakita Nipples Juicy...
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Nakita Nipples twerks her ass real fast.

Video: Guess i gotta slow my ass down

Guess i gotta slow my...
Length: 0m 55s

just checking out this cam to see how fast I could move my ass and the cam catch it.