The weather

One mans view on reporting the weather .. funny as all get out.. well it appeals to my sense of humour.
3:19 - Cathyscraving uploaded Dec 29, 2006

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Video: Booby Prize Weather Report #2

Booby Prize Weather...
Length: 0m 32s

This is the second weather report Victoria and I made for The Booby :Prize on RUDE TV

Video: Booby Prize Weather Report

Booby Prize Weather...
Length: 0m 58s

This was the second weather report Victoria Norton did on the RUDE TV show Booby Prize. I thought you would love to see it again for those that did watch.

Video: My first weather report

My first weather report
Length: 0m 32s

This is a weather report we did for our show The Booby Prize here on 6pm pst

Video: Stormy Weather Makes Me Horny.....

Stormy Weather Makes...
Length: 7m 16s

It's storming like a mug here and that kinda weather always makes me wanna get my freak on......too bad Daddy ain't here to handle biz-here's what's waitin 2...

Video: The Local Weather

The Local Weather
Length: 5m 08s

video and commentary on the clouds and thunder in my hood

Video: british police at there best lol

british police at...
Length: 1m 06s

in wet weather be aware even the british police make mistakes lol

Video: perfect weather

perfect weather
Length: 3m 53s

this is how weather should be done

Video: Rudies 'Boobs'

Rudies 'Boobs'
Length: 2m 22s

A couple of examples of when things go slightly wrong - watch out for future outtake clips.

Video: Mouth Covering Swearing Boy TEASER

Mouth Covering...
Length: 1m 02s

In this custom video, I get to be bad, and is it bad that I enjoy being mean and getting all "FemDom"?? lol :) This time I get to scold a foul mouthed boy...

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