one smart little bird

one smart little bird
3:03 - ichabod69 uploaded Oct 2, 2007


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Video: butcher bird

butcher bird
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baby butcher bird ,this little guy has decided to make my place his home.

Video: bird

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one of the rainbow lorrikeets in my yard

Video: Beware The Holiday Bird!!!

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Many Holiday Birds are potentially deadly. Be careful today not to fall victim to one of these dangerous predators. Stay safe on this Thanksgiving Day!

Video: Smoking my Bird...Again!!

Smoking my Bird...Again!!
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Just me smoking a delightful bird on a pretty Easter day....kewl

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The bird
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Funny clip .. revenge for all those bird opppss

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Struggle little...
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a Little look at one of my slaves tired and struggling on the bed! ! This from my BDSM weekend recently See my Blog about that story

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My little men pals have to experience my pee and farts at VERY close quarters tweet me @levityheaven flix section for full length video

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Little caprice in exclusive pee porn video where she takes part in some very erotic watersports fun

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Little blue fun
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Me and my little blue have lots of fun together.