1:19 - Bandaids uploaded Dec 4, 2006

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Video: My Karaoke Cover of Rolling in the Deep

My Karaoke Cover of...
Length: 3m 54s

In the style of Adele. It seems I just couldn't stop singing after my karaoke cover, so I just kept singing, and decided to on Rolling on the Deep by...

Video: Porn Star Karaoke 6 Year Anniversary

Porn Star Karaoke 6...
Length: 4m 03s

Porn Star Karaoke 6 Year Anniversary, held July 21st 2009 at Sardos Grill and Lounge in Burbank, Ca and was hosted by adult star Nicki Hunter. Held every...

Video: Mr. Pinky Sings Karaoke

Mr. Pinky Sings Karaoke
Length: 2m 49s

My EX has her favorite toy. He had a mind of his own. Follow Mr. Pinky's adventures...this episode as he sings karaoke!

Video: Naked Karaoke

Naked Karaoke
Length: 2m 18s

This is from Naked Karaoke. This was from my show Planet Porn back in 2009-2010 This was with Cherry Ferretti and Monica Foster from not the cosbys xxx Just...

Video: My Karaoke Cover of Mad World

My Karaoke Cover of...
Length: 3m 05s

By Gary Jules originally, I wanted to test out my laptop's microphone and web camera, so I decided to give my vocal chords a stretch. I bet you all didn't...

Video: Ginger Lynn Teaches Stephanie Swift

Ginger Lynn Teaches...
Length: 0m 59s

Porn Legend Ginger Lynn teaches Stephanie Swift how to properly bite her neck at Porn Star Karaoke at Sardos Grill and Lounge in Burbank, Ca.

Video: Milli Vanilla Fan Song

Milli Vanilla Fan Song
Length: 5m 47s

Wankus and Kristen used to be known as MILLI VANILLA at Sardos Bar every Tuesday night for Porn Star Karaoke! With all the big stars coming to see, a new...

Video: Milli Vanilla Debut

Milli Vanilla Debut
Length: 5m 50s

Wankus and Kristen performed as MILLI VANILLA every week at Porn Star Karaoke in 2005. This is their hysterical debut performance, attended by all the big...

Video: Pornstar Karaokee

Pornstar Karaokee
Length: 3m 37s

FEE THE FULL 7Min FLIX w/ nudity at http://www.rude.com/DannyBlaq/flix_watch/1SvNny5ouR3/big-tit-karaoke-by-dannyblaq/ See how big of an ass I make of...

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