my pussy got the best cock ever

so i got bored one day statred watching a good porn got out my toys an let my pussy have it . while in the middle of it an old friend text me i always really liked him. i told him to come over an about 20 minutes later there he was at my door i opend it with a red laced bra an matching panties he was so surprised i tookl him to my room wioth no words at all pulled out his cock was like 10 inches i slid my tounge up an down an got him rock hard chocked an gagged on it than got on top an worked the fuck out of his cock i made him push up deep in my guts an grab my ass hard i did that untill he came when he did i cought it in my mouth an worked it on his dick then cleaned it he bent me over an pounded my pussy from the back had me screamin i busted on his dick like 5 times an he made me lick it all off . then he told me to get my vibrator so i did he laid me on the ground began to lick my pussy an vibrate on my clit helet me cum in his mouth. i really wanted more dick so he called is cousin he came in an let me suck his cock while i got fucked from the back . it was the best experience i ever had the took turns on my fuckin me me sucking there cock licking my pussy an titi fuckin me at the end the both let a loud out all in my mouth an on my tits
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