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RudeSpace Changes : Feb 29, 2012
Notice some changes to RudeSpace?

A menu now appears on all RudeSpace pages, with a drop down option box for quickly jumping to another area of that users RudeSpace.

RudeSpace home page is now separated into 5 different areas: Home, Bio, Chatter, Favorites, Purchases

Bio: Contains full profile, bits, moods, quiz and polls

Chatter: Contains comments, shouts, blogs, clitters

Favorites: Contains all the favorite content, buddies, fans and content collected

Purchases: Contains any content you have purchased on the site

The "Connect" box is now accessible from every RudeSpace right below the new menu This is where you send private messages, add buddies, bookmark pages, and more.

Lastly, we have implemented a simpler color system, there are a few select colors to choose from for the (background, header, text and link color). We have removed the busy looking borders around the boxes as well.

Anyone with a background uploaded will retain that background until you change it but everyone else will be defaulted to a white background, with a grey header, blue links and black text until you change it

Make sure you check your Rudespace and make it work for you.
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