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See your Most popular Rude Flix/Pix : Mar 17, 2009
We have now added the ability for you to check out what your hottest sales and rentals of Flix/Pix.

This way you can upload more similar content that sells the best for you.

To see how your Flix and Pix rank up please goto your manage area and click on the inventory link. From there you can sort by Most Recent, Most Sold, and Most Rented.

Please enjoy this new feature.

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New Content Embed for all Site owners! : Mar 17, 2009
Great News! We have a brand new Content embed available for all Producers that own their own website. This content embed will give your website users or members a huge library of Rude Content for FREE while earning you some great referral income.

Included with the content embed will be all Rude Group Shows, Live Houses, RudeTV, and Private Archives for FREE. Throughout the embeds you will see advertising back to Rude’s sister sites (Rude Privates), (Rude Flix), and the VIP tour. These ads will all have your referral code embedded in them so you earn income from any traffic you refer that makes purchases on those sites. This will also benefit you with more qualified traffic if you do participate in Rude Privates or Flix.

If you are a producer and you own your own website it is a no brainer to take this deal. Remember you have to own your own website and have it listed in your producer application to be able to view the page that has the content embed code on it.

Please note we will be logging all referral sites that you use the code on so don’t try to pass your embed code to any third parties or your Rude account could be suspended.

We hope you all enjoy this great new feature!

To get the content embed code please visit the “Premium Embed” link in the manage area of live house, group shows, private archives or in your control panel.

Here is a direct link:

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Rude Virtual is Live! : Jul 21, 2008
Come check out our Virtual world, have a drink, party, dance, have SEX!!

Click the VIRTUAL link in the menu, or visit the DOWNLOADS section and grab your FREE download!
RudeTV is LIVE! : Apr 21, 2008
Don't forget to stop by, and take a look at whats going on there. As a member, you are logged in already at RTV, so stop by and check it out!

Over the coming weeks we will be adding more big name pornstars and hotter and hotter live shows.

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