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Rude Clitter is Now LIVE! : Mar 17, 2009
Rude Clitter is a new feature added to your app bar and Rude Space.

You can now post mini status updates about yourself throughout the day to keep your fans and friends updated on what you are doing.

You also have the ability to subscribe to users for free and follow their clitter posts so you always have an insight to what they are doing. You can subscribe to any user by clicking the subscribe link on their clitter page.

Your clitter posts will appear on your Rude Page above your comments section and you can post from the app bar. After you type your post and click the post button it will say “Posted, Post Another” and you can get rid of your post box by clicking the app bar again.

Hope you enjoy this new feature.

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Private Reservation Now on APP bar. : Mar 17, 2009
We have added the private reservation notification to the app bar.

If you don't have any reservations in the next 24h it says "No reservations".

If you do have a reservation in the next 24h it will say "Reservation: xh xm" (or "x min" or "x sec"). If you click on either of these it will take you to your reservation page.

If the show is starting and it's check in time (first 10 minutes) it will say "Check In Time!". When you click on that it signs you into the show.

This functionality is only for performers, nobody else will even see this.

Hope this helps out and you can make yourself available for more reservations.

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Private Tweaks are now LIVE! : Mar 17, 2009
The long awaited private tweaks are now live.

You will now hear a chime each time a a chatter enters your lobby so you will know when someone enters.

You will also hear a chime when a live private show ends.

Lastly any non chip holders will be restrcited to 5 mins of free chat with each producer per 24hr period. After 5 mins. of chat a pop will layover the chat letting them know they must be a funded member to have anymore chat time.

Hope you enjoy and it makes private more pleasurable and profitable.

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Search by Producer (Flix, Pix, Archives) : Mar 17, 2009
Now users can search Flix, Pix, and Archives by choosing their favorite producer from the dropdown in the default page of each section. Please get the word out to your fans.

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