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VIP's can now pimp their RudeSpace : Mar 27, 2009
We have added a new VIP perk today.

VIP's can now customize their RudeSpace by uploading backgrounds and changing their layout colors. As long as you have VIP status you will be able to have this feature.

Please let us know if there is any issues and we hope you enjoy the new feature.

To chat about this new feature visit the RudeBoards here:
Clitter Updates! : Mar 27, 2009
We have added in the ability to Delete clitter posts so if you make a mistake you can delete and repost.

We have also added in a reply feature and a report feature to keep the spam down.

Hope you enjoy.
Mobile Redirect to Brazzers Updated ! : Mar 27, 2009
We have come to an agreement and are going to be going live again today. We do understand that some users like to surf RUDE from their mobile phone so what we did is when you access Rude from your mobile phone you will be redirected to Brazzers Mobile, but the change is we will have a link back to RUDE at the very top. You will be able to click the Logo or the link to go back to Rude and then you won't be redirected their again for 24hours.

So once per 24hrs you will have to click the link from your mobile phone to get back to RUDE.

To talk about this in the Rude Forums please visit this link:
RudeRacks (Rude Hosting) is NOW LIVE! : Mar 17, 2009
Many have been waiting for it and we are happy to announce that you can now host your websites on the new RudeRacks web hosting.
That is right, unlimited bandwidth, and space on the same network that powers Rude!
Conveniently located in your webmaster area!
Please add to your safe lists for e-mail before signing up as all of your hosting info will be coming from that address.

As always, if you have questions we are happy to help via Rude Mail or the above e-mail.

Speak out about this new feature on the boards:

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