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Be the 1st to Pimp your custom RudeName! : Apr 30, 2009
That's right we have now released the option to change your RudeName from 4 - 9 characters.

We are also giving the option or including a forwarding service from your old to new RudeName for 30 days after the change.

For more details visit this link:

Happy Pimpin'

To chat on this subject please visit the Rude Forums here:
Change your default Flix pics! : Apr 10, 2009
We have implemented the ability to change your Flix default picture from the one auto created when your Flix was initially added to the site.

To do this, simply go to your Flix inventory, then click the edit link for the Flix you wish to change the picture on. On the edit page, you will now see the current thumbnail picture used for your Flix. To change it, simply click the "change picture" link and it will give you a list of pictures to choose from. Then just click the "use this pic" link under the picture you want to use for the default pic.

Let us know if you have any issues with this new feature.

To discuss this new feature please visit this thread on the Rude Boards:
Rude Mail choose how many per page! : Apr 6, 2009
Again we heard your ideas and they are now put to action.

You can now select how many Rudemails you would like per page (25 default, 50,100,150,200,500).

This should make managing your inbox much easier.

Please let us know if you have any issue.

To speak out about this new feature please visit this thread:
Stand Out Shouts with RudeFlix Uploads! : Mar 27, 2009
Now when you upload a RudeFlix the shout that goes out to RudeMail will Stand out from the rest to give your RudeFlix uploads more exposure.

The title of the email will now read “New HOT Flix video from Producer_Name”

Hope this get’s more exposure to your rudeflix uploads and that your sales go through the roof.

Speak out about this feature on the Rude Boards here:

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