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Latest Rude News

New RudeMail Features : Aug 4, 2009
The following features have been added to the rudemail module:

1. Next and Previous links so you can go through your mail without going back to the inbox.

2. Alphabetical options in the address book for fast loookup of your friends.

3. The ability to delete folders that are no longer needed.


To discuss these new features please visit this thread:
MALE Producer Apps. Welcome Back!!! : Jun 12, 2009
We have now opened up producer applications to all male producers that do qualify the minimum requirements for Producer. If you meet the qualification now or in the future the application will show up on the top of your RudePage.

When you are approved for Producer you will receive the following.

* 1 week Free VIP or if you are already VIP you get 100 Free Chips
* Upload content for members to rent or purchase!
* Create and manage your own store and sell items!
* Broadcast your Live Voyeur House, Private and Group Shows to make Cash!
* Refer friends and earn Cash!
* If you have a website, you get traffic linked back to you!
* If you have a website, you get branded content embeds for YOUR members!
* Ability to Cashout Earned Chips
* 5 Video uploads per day, unlimited with VIP
* 5 minute video upload limit per video, 10 minutes with VIP

There is also so much more, but too long to go into here. You will be able to access the producer section of the Rude Board for help, and let's not forget you get a cool little "Producer" banner to let everyone know, Respect!

You will need to fill out several parts of personal information, so we can get payments to you. You will also need to verify your identity for security reasons. NOBODY WILL EVER SEE THIS INFORMATION, IT IS CONFIDENTIAL!!

Congrats to MALES being back on the producer wagon. Sorry for the wait but we had to bring the balance up and figure out what to give you GUYS!

To discuss this topic please visit the Rude Forum HERE:
Hide your Flix/Pix purchases : Jun 8, 2009
Hello Ruddies,

You now have the ability to hide your current and future Flix/Pix purchases so others can't see what you purchased on your page.

To hide your current Flix/Pix purchases just click the view all on your Rude Page and you will be able to select hide from public. Or when you goto purchase or rent a new one just select "and hide it".

This will only allow you to see the purchases or rentals you made.

So now that you can hide your kinks get out there and start purchasing.

If you have any feedback on this topic please visit the Rude Forums here:
Polls are now live in the Rude Forums : Jun 2, 2009
As of today you are able to create a poll when you choose to create a new topic in any of the Rude Forums.

All you need to do is click on create a new topic, type in your Title and message as normal, and then click on Add a Poll to select the options for your poll.

It is best to put your question in the title as well as the message.

Please post any feedback in this thread. Enjoy!

To provide feedback on this new feature please visit this thread:

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