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GirlWorld webcam · 33 year old Caucasian Girl from Sweden

5 ft 4 in / 163-164 cm
130 lbs/ 59 kg
Bra Size:
Eye Color:
Blue eyes
Hair Color:
Red Hair
Kinky Stuff:
Tattoos, , Shaved
Private Show: 5.00/min | Nude Show: 10.0/min | Party Show: 4.50/minute
Sexual Preference:
Favorite Position:
Domination, Foot, High Heels, Muscular,
Turn Ons:
Honesty, respect, sense of humour, passion for life, positive people, kindness, wisdom, ambitions, caring, laughing and smiling.
Turn Offs:
Rude, cheap, disrespectful, shallow, stupid, cold, aggressive, fake people.

About GirlWorld

Hi everyone!

Thank you for visiting my page!:)

I am a pretty cool, open-minded, friendly, loving, caring, fun, interesting, sensual, funny, stubborn, sweet, positive, sexual, wise girl in my thirties:) of course all of these features wont mean anything until you will get to know me and experience me slowly step by step. I love to get to know people, I love to explore your mind, to get deep into your soul and discover the side of you that is the purest and best version of you. I think that our mission in life is to simply be ourselves, to work on ourselves every day to become our best versions and to learn through love.
You always have a choice to live life through love or fear. I think that The Universe is very kind to us, it always helps us and it wants us to live a rich, fulfilled, happy, great life, it wants us to win, but nothing happens just like that by doing nothing, to discover the greatness of life you have to take risks, you have to choose love no matter how scared you feel.
Every choice builds your life, it all depends on you, you can make choices and achieve heights you never dreamed of or you can stay where you are and complain.
It doesnt mean that its going to be easy or happy every time you make a choice, sometimes your choices will break you and leave you devastated, but what I have learnt is that the hardest and most painful experiences in life are the ones that expand your thinking the most and make you grow the most as a personality. Become self aware, own your life, own your mistakes, own your pain, own your happiness!
Life runs so fast, and at the end of the day what matters is how you feel, how happy you are because of choices you made for yourself today, you are the only person you will have to spend every day of your life with so make it a beautiful one, treat yourself as a precious gift, love yourself like you would love your best friend. You are worthy of love and health and success.
Often times we pray for things and when these things are in front of our eyes we are so blind, pay attention to people and opportunities in your life, you are more blessed than you think!:)

"Know your worth and never give it away to another person. Your worth is yours alone and no one person or thing can take it from you. If someone can't see your value, that's all it is. You're still amazing and worthy of awesome things in this life. Never let anyone or any situation tell you otherwise."  
- Stephenie Zemora -

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