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Free Sex Stories (Fantasy Only): Daddy and Stepdaughter
10:05PM on February 18, 2008

Last week I got had the hottest conversation with a man I met online. I couldn't believe it at all. I mean, I'm supposed to be the one fulfilling HIS fantasies, and instead he was getting me off without even really trying.

His name is Mike and he's in his early 40s. I don't usually go for blondes, but he has the body of a 20 year old with the sun-bleached hair of a surfer and the intelligence of a college professor. Can't beat that, can you? On top of it all, he's great at playing the role of the authoritarian, older male with the younger female. I don't mean like a real pedophile or anything, but just somebody that likes to fantasize about things that in real life would be awful, but that in fantasy are so damn tantalizing you just can't keep your mind on anything else.

Mike wanted to play older male/younger female and with this being one of my major fetishes, naturally I agreed. I would have agreed anyway because it's his dime, and I like to keep my customers happy. But my clit was tingling at the mere thought of having this kind of session.

As I slowly started to strip for him on camera, first unhooking my bra then sliding out of my black bikinis, I asked questions about where his fantasy came from and why it gets him off. It was our first call together and I was gathering information so I could fulfill his dreams over the phone and I wanted to get it right. He started telling me about how his stepdaughter has been behaving through the process of his divorce from her mom. Apparently, she lives with him alone or the mom just isn't around much anymore. Clearly, this girl is in need of a father figure at the same time she is becoming sexually aware.

One night stepdaughter Lisa was either cold or having nightmares, or both, and decided to crawl into bed with Daddy, who was sleeping alone in the upstairs bedroom. She got in behind him, wearing nothing more than a skimpy nightgown. Mike was dreaming about being in the pool with his nearly ex-wife, her bikini-clad tits pressing into his back and her stroking his long thick cock under the water. When he woke up though, it wasn't a dream. It was Lisa behind him, pressing her perky 34Cs into his back and stroking him through the hole in his pajama bottoms.

Of course he thought it was his wife, who has often woken him up in a similar way. She pulled off his pants in the dark and proceeded to wrap her warm tongue around his cock. That's when he realized that it wasn't Clara, it was Lisa. Her mouth felt different, smaller and softer somehow, but no less experienced.

Any caring Daddy would have immediately freaked out and threw her off of him. But his hot cock was throbbing and purple under the sheet that covered her head and most of their bodies, and he was really faced with a moral dilemma. He didn't want to corrupt his little girl, yet he also knew she was at a very vulnerable time in her life. Her body was growing out of control in new ways, yet her round blue eyes, dewy, pouty pink lips and babyfine blond hair still retained their girlish, childhood innocence.

Boys leered at her in school, making her uncomfortable, her mom was not around much anymore, and she needed at least one stable parent who could provide the love she required as well as the external validation that these awkward puberty years demanded. Pretending to be asleep, he let her continue to explore his cock with her lips and tongue, using her fingers on his balls and clutching his thighs to support herself while she knelt between his legs.

It wasn't long before he came in her mouth, almost as fast a teenager would. Even though this was the first time she had ever given a blowjob, she seemed to enjoy the acidy taste of his musky, thick cum and swallowed most of it, wiping the bit left on her chin onto the sheet.

By now my own sweet cunt juices were practically dripping down my legs and as I listened to his stories in semi-disbelief, I was so hot I could have cum without even touching myself. He knew it, and continued to watch my torture through the webcam.

"Mike, what else happened? Weren't you a little freaked out about this? I mean, as attractive as she may be, she's your stepdaughter! Didn't you find it creepy?"

"Well yeah Katie, that's why I pretended to be asleep. I didn't let on that I was awake for that same reason. I don't want to confuse her and make her think it's okay for her to fuck her Daddy!"

Then he started to tell me about another time she joined him in the shower. I don't know how it is in their house; I guess they don't lock their doors. He had just gone in the shower and was still letting the water heat up when he got in, his back to the bathroom door. Lisa startled him two seconds later by coming in wrapped in a towel, dropping it on the floor, and slipping into the shower behind him.

"Lisa honey, what are you doing? You can't be in here with me!" He told me she's pretty sexually aggressive, even at her young age, and I think he was telling the truth.

"Why not Daddy? It's just a shower! I was lonely and wanted to be near you. I needed to take a shower anyway."

"Well okay baby, I guess you can stay for a minute, but just so you know, it's not right for Dads and their teenage baby girls to be showering together. You're not a little kid anymore."

"I know Daddy," she pouted as she watched the sudsy water flow down the drain."

He lifted her chin with his forefinger. "Hey. It's okay. I love you, you know. I just want you to know right from wrong."

But the message didn't get through because the next thing he knew, she was sudsing up the lightly scented shower gel and ever so gently applying it up and down his half-stiff dick.

"I'll bet you wanted to get your little girl all nice and clean, didn't you Mike?" I asked.

With a weak voice, he answered yes. I could hear his breathing getting harder and his hands slapping against his cock. Whatever we were saying to each other was clearly getting both of us worked up beyond belief. As I slipped into his fantasy, I felt myself turning into Lisa, that vulnerable, desperate 13-year-old girl in the shower who just wanted a man's love, even if Mike wasn't her real Daddy or her boyfriend. I was desperate to clean off his chest, his back, his legs, and make his dick hard with the slippery shower gel, rinse him off and go down on him.

I longed to have him clean me until all my "wrong" thoughts and "wrong" feelings and love for my stepfather were all washed away and I was completely clean just the way he liked me. I was desperate to feel him carry me in a towel over to my parents' grown up bed, to fuck my virgin cunt, to feel the pain, to let him make me bleed, and hold me down until it felt so good my thighs were shaking uncontrollably. Then and only then would I know that I had the love of a real man and not some silly boy at school who just wanted a peek at my panties or to snap my bra from behind.

"Ooooooohhh Katie, you're soooo good at this," he said, letting me know that I was doing great for this being our first call together.

"Thanks Baby, you're not so bad yourself. What else can I do for you? What do you need right now?"

"Aaaah .... ahhhh ... I think I'm going to---"

"Let it go sweetie, just let me hear you let it go really loud."

"Call me Daddy, Katie, call me Daddy," he purred. Instead of getting louder, his voice was getting lower and more growly as his heavy breathing took over. I don't think I could have held him off for one second longer.

"Oh Daddy, do you think I'm pretty? Do you think boys will like me?"

"Mmmmm .... baby girl, you are so sweet. Don't be afraid of Daddy. I won't hurt you. I just want to--"

"Let it go Mike, let it go!" I encouraged in my own purry whisper. I loved being his stepdaughter. I felt so safe in his arms, so protected, so well loved, and yet the whole thing was so strangely perverted. As an adult I didn't really see how a 13-year old could know that she needed exactly this, and not be confused by it.

"Mmmmm! Oooooooo! Ohohohohohoh Agggghhhhhhmmmmm!" I loved feeling my stepdad on top of me, breaking into me, popping my cherry and making me cum in one swift move.

"Oh. Katie you are amazing."

I hope he calls me again very very very very very soon.

You can too!

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