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Late Night Creep Late Night Creep
0 Stars
DeeHeartXXX calls me over for a little late night creep action
Keisha Kush Keisha Kush
0 Stars
Promo for 4 part Keisha Kush session. This is was one of my best sessions by...
Welcome Nikki Law Welcome Nikki Law
0 Stars
1st timeer young amazon nikki law
Kada Promo Kada Promo
0 Stars
Compilation of various clips of Kada
Homemade Brown Sugar Homemade Brown Sugar
0 Stars
Was in SC and linked up with my Brown Sugar. We had been talking for awhile...
hpfilming to hpfilmw.. hpfilming to hpfilmworld
0 Stars
This was just a new promo I decided to make since hpfilming is no more now...
Black Cherry Black Cherry
5 Stars
Me slaying another ssbbw. When will they learn it's non I can't handle lol
Sexterview Promo Sexterview Promo
0 Stars
My homegirl came over and rode my dick before her interview
Black Betty Black Betty
5 Stars
Throwback clip of me getting a condom bj from a ssbbw. It felt like I aint...
My Trip In Africa My Trip In Africa
5 Stars
A sexy african bbw. All in all she's a good girl who loves to be bad for me...
Seeing Stars Seeing Stars
5 Stars
Gettin a sloppy bj from my REAL HOOD girl Starr
SC Visitors SC Visitors
5 Stars
This is how things go down when you party with me
Blowin' BBC Blowin' BBC
5 Stars
Got a nice bj from the same female from my "When Strangers Meet" scene
POV with D'Nice POV with D'Nice
0 Stars
POV of me fucking thick n sexy D'Nice
When Strangers Meet:.. When Strangers Meet: Sneak Peak
0 Stars
This is how it goes down when you party with me. Total strangers...GET IT IN!
Lala Starr Lala Starr
5 Stars
Up close bj from my girl lala starr
Kit Kat Break Kit Kat Break
5 Stars
My bbw friend Kit Kat loves to sex. Another great bust down scene......Made...
Kitty Kat Bust Down Kitty Kat Bust Down
0 Stars
me bustin down a older white lady
The Taming Promo The Taming Promo
5 Stars
My last promo for the month of Feb 2015. This me and D'Nice back at it...
The Blow Series Promo The Blow Series Promo
0 Stars
Another promo video for my series called it The Blow.
hpfilming Promo Video hpfilming Promo Video
5 Stars
This is just a compilation of my videos for advertising my newly launched...
KD vs Shae Twerk KD vs Shae Twerk
5 Stars
Now this was a fun and unexpected night. My #1 twerker performed nicely with...
KD vs NeNe KD vs NeNe
5 Stars
Quickie clip of me and my ex hope you enjoy
Watch him spit Watch him spit
5 Stars
Had a lot of request and positive feed back so I decided to upload the sample...
KD vs MaMa Drama KD vs MaMa Drama
4 Stars
Throwback video. To me the quality of this video isn't the best but all in...
KD vs D'Nice KD vs D'Nice
5 Stars
Now this is my #1 above all others. I call her D'Nice my biracial queen. She...
Twerk Town Vol. 1 (i.. Twerk Town Vol. 1 (intro 1)
0 Stars
The 1st video for some of my thick~n~sexy ladies who love to show off their...
KD vs Q KD vs Q
5 Stars
Throwback video and all I can say is.....IT WAS A GREAT SESSION
Neka vs KD Neka vs KD
5 Stars
Me & my home girl neka 1st vid together. She was nervous at 1st but she...
Shae Twerk Shae Twerk
5 Stars
Ass Shaking by Shae Twerk