Gangbanged-Your Personal Cum Bucket

We spent two hours at the mall buying new fuck me me shoes. We decided that we wanted to meet up with you guys to have dinner. To our surprise we find that you are not alone. You had been watching tv together and talking about the new scantly clad beer commercial. You see us walk in with our new fuck me shoes on and get really turned on seeing us laughing and smiling in these tall black shoes.

Lisa smiles at you and bends over sticking her ass in the air so she can give you a nice kiss. The other guys whistle at her lovely round ass. You smile showing off your prize! One of your closest friends (Larry) saw this as a cue to grab my ass. I laughed. "You turd, did I give you permission to grab my ass?" He stopped smiling, thinking he was in trouble, but I had other plans for him. I pushed him away and went over to you and started to massage your shoulders. The guys sitting around you were getting very turned on watching you with two ladies all over you. Lisa smiled when she saw this. She started to give you a bit of a lap dance to the music on the tv. I smiled and then started to dance with her. She kissed me, which surprised me and you. I loved her soft lips. I wrapped my arms around her beautiful body as we swayed together.

You and your friends were going insane watching us. I looked at the room, 6 guys. Interesting! I whispered in Lisa's ears, "Do you want to have some real fun with these guys?" She smiled at me and slowly unbuttoned my shirt to reveal my black bra. The guys in the room were going stir crazy now.

"Who has a belt?" She asked.

Your best friend took his off like it was going to save a cat from a fire in a building. You watched from the couch as we were just a foot from ya. You glanced at your friend's faces, every single one of them were staring at us girls in the middle. Lisa grabbed the belt from him as I slid off her tank top off her body. So there we stood, in our bras and Lisa was holding a belt.

"No I need someones shirt." All five guys took off their shirts and threw it at us. Lisa peeled off my skirt and my undies. Then she had me get on all fours. I smiled at her as she tied me up with thier clothes. She started to lick my pussy and finger fuck my tight pussy. "Now this will be a nice tight pussy for us to play with, lets see who can stretch it." I was moaning and barely paying attention as she spoke. You perked up when you heard those dirty words from your girlfriends mouth. You should clean it out.

You stood up and went to Lisa who was getting surrounded by the guys as she licked on my twat! She looked up at you and smiled mischievously. One of your friends (we will call jerry) pulled out his cock and shoved it in my mouth for me to suck on. I obliged, he was good looking. You decide to do the same thing to your girlfriend. She continued to finger fuck my pussy as she sucked on your hardening cock. Another guy (we will call Bob) approached me started to rub my tits. I couldn't move being tied up and she had her hands on my hips not allowing me to do anything by take the hard face fucking I was receiving from Jerry. Jerry smiled at me and waved over another guy (we will call Jack). Then he and Jack started to trade off face fucking me! You bent over your girlfriend so her mouth was licking on my wet pussy, tore off her pink panties and slid your cock in. She moaned with excitement. Then you told Bob to come over to your girl friend's face and have a go. He smiled and did as he was told. Then another guy (we shall call Andrew) pulled out his massive cock. My eyes grew wide as I realized where he wanted to put it. Andrew moved Lisa and shoved his massive cock into my tight pussy. I wanted to scream from the pain of it being shoved in, but it was touching areas never touched before inside my pussy! Lisa was now sucking on Bob's uncut cock as you fuck her doggy style. Jerry and Jack were face fucking my mouth. Then the last guy (Larry) walked over, he is a bit shyer than the rest because of what I did to him earlier, but he was so turned on he just had to join in. Lisa grabbed at his cock and gave him a nice hand job. After five minutes you guys decided to play musical pussy and traded spots.

You smiled and allowed Larry into Lisa's tight pussy and you slid your cock into her tight asshole. She gasped for air when you did that. "YES!" She screamed. Then Jack walked over to her and stuck his cock into her mouth as she gasped. Ya'll were smiling from ear to ear and you fucked her fast! Bob walked over to me and took Andrew's position. I looked back and gasped as I saw Bob was bigger than Andrew. "FUCK!" Andrew smiled and shoved his cock into my mouth and Jerry slid his tiny pecker into my ass. Bob then shoved his massive cock into my pussy! I grunted every time he pushed inside.

You could feel the pressure build up as you are ready to explode. All six of you guys were about ready to cum and decided to use us as your personal cum buckets. We sat in the middle exhausted, but ready for your creamy, salty gifts. Lisa and I sat back to back with our mouths open ready for your jizz. All six of you guys circled us as you rubbed on your cocks. Fountains of cum squirted out and landed on our faces, in our hair and in our mouths. We hungrily ate it up and then licked some of if off each other as we kissed. Then you men shoved your cocks in our mouths to clean up any mess left of your cocks. We cleaned it up nice! Then you left us laying, shaking, exhausted in ya'lls cum on the floor.
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boy Trin, you really should get published.


Very nice. Made me hard as a rock!


Good Job Trin


awesome mrbear


Awesome, it made me wet!


damn good story trin
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