From Teacher to School Girl

You come to class wearing a blouse, skirt, black stockings, and heels...during class you constantly cross and uncross your long luscious legs and catch me sneaking down blouse peaks...after all other students have left, you unbutton aother button on your blouse then ask as you look at the bulge in my slacks if I enjoy what you are choosing to show and you walk out the door saying you will see me tomorrow. On Thursday you dress very similar to the day before only you are wearing red stockings...again all during class you cross and uncross your legs...after the other students leave you undo 2 more buttons showing me glimpses of your lacey bra you stand reachh under your skirt and remove your wet panties as you walk past me to leave, you hand me your panties and put them to my nose and sniff them then lick them. On Friday , once again you cross and uncross your white stockinged legs ...the other students leave, as you stand you tell me that today you are not wearing a bra or panties and that you have left a wet spot in your chair you watch me as I walk over bend and lick the wetness you left behind you then leave.

On Saturday about 11:00 am, you knock on my door...wearing a "school girl uniform" I ask you in and to have a seat...I offer you something to drink and as I go to the kitchen to get it, you undo your blouse and are removing it as I walk back into the room and you tell me you wanted to offer to let me lick your ass n pussy rather than just your pantiesand you also drop your skirt. I tell my lips don't know where to start on your gorgeous n sexy body but then I kneel down as you begin to spread your yummy thighs and I dive into your inviting pussy....I confess that I have been thinking about you and that I think of you as a Mature I'd Love to Eat!!!! And you tell me that you are giving me all weekend to do as I wish to you...I tell you I want to caress kiss n lick your ass, eat n fuck your pussy, nibble suck n fuck your exquisite tities, and I want to fuck your mouth!

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