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Straight Out A Porn Movie

So this is one of those usual horny nights. I had been living in Fayetteville NC for about a year and half now and had finally gotten a car to move around in. So I decided to drive around looking for something better yet someone to get into. So as I'm driving I see a female walking and now if you know Fayetteville no one walks anywhere so I attacked knowing that this could go good for me. I approached her and greeted her "how you doing? I see you walking" She responded and said "yea I just left the gas station I'm walking home, I'm from Jersey." So I let her know I was from NYC and asked her for her number. (no real small talk straight to it.) She gave it to me and I drove off. A few minutes later I texted her but the text didn't go through. (Boy was I happy it didn't go through) So I drove back to where she was because I knew she wasn't home yet and to my horny surprise she was still walking. I rolled up and her and said " I saved your number wrong, you didn't even volunteer to come chill with me." And to my surprise her response was "You didn't even ask" So next thing you know we are heading to my house my my dick was so hard that I could steer the car. So we get back to my place and I decided to play it cool. So she had some beer she had bought so she started to drink and I could see it was relaxing her. So I'm watching tv and by now she was two beers in and she started rubbing my leg that moved up quickly to my dick. She then proceeded to pull him out and immediately sucking it deep and wet, I felt like she was trying to suck the cure for cancer out of me. I was so glad I drove back. She knew the exact amount of spit to keep my dick wet. She started to jerk and suck it at the same time. I felt like I was about to cum deep in her throat then she stopped abruptly. She started to quickly pull her pants down and pull her panties off. She went to climb on me her pussy was soaked but sooooooo tight and she slides down my long dick she moaned in satisfaction, "Damn you got a big dick baby" I couldn't even reply her pussy was what I needed. she rode me like a good girl making sure she got every inch and every stroke. I felt her pussy getting tighter and wetter, "Oh daddy I'm cumin all over your dick, I'm cumin on your dick daddy" She thought it was over she climbed off my dick and laid on her back. I put her legs behind her head and slowly inserted all 9 inches in her and she moaned as every inch entered her. Her pussy was so wet I'm surprise I didn't nut. I started off with a good stroke on her pussy just to open her up and as her pussy started to gush I sped it up. "Daddy, oh daddy fuck me, fuck me hard daddy, I love your big dick please don't stop." I started to go deeper and deeper and faster, "daddy I'm cumin on your dick, I'm cumin daddy." I could feel her legs shaking and she came all over my dick. "Daddy your dick is so good." So at this point I'm like I need to get my nut. She said "I gotta go" All I thought was damn I didn't even get my nut. So we both got dressed and I drove her home. As I dropped her off she said "hit me up later babe." I replied "Ok cool" As I drove back home still horny I was looking to see if I could get another victim but the streets were dry.

Part 2 Coming Soon.
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 Added: Jun 11, 2014  
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