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Le' Brandi

Poison Is The Wind That Blows From The North East Side . : .
"Oh Mercy Mercy Me" - Marvin Gaye
Played Over & Over

I Texted Her These Words:

"What You Wanna Do"
She Replied:


I Was 20 . . .
She Was 28 . . .

Her Lips Locked Mine As We First Met .
She Was Just As Tall As I Was With Her Long Stripper Boots Strapped On.

Cruising Around Town With Her Was Fun As Her Head&/Or/Hand Was Always In My Lap.

She Was A Mean Gang Member . However She Always Treated Me Like God .
We Made It Home & Wasted No Time With Our Glass Full Of Rum .

Record Player On Repeat & Only The Small Blue Indicating "On" Light Shined

I Didn't Need To See Her . I Just Needed To Feel Her .

As She Strattled My Naked Body With Her I Could Feel Her Legs Tremble .
I Run My Hands Down Her Back&Thighs To Calm Her,
All I Could Feel Was Goosebumps .

I Knew At That Point Only 1 Thing Would Help Her .
So I Reached Down Through Her Shaking Body As She Wraps Her Arms Around Me.
Grab On To My Not So Long . Uncircumcised . Snicker Thick Dick .
Start To Place It Over Her Dripping Wet Pussy To Stop The Leakage .
That Wasn't Enough . She Still Shakes .

I Had To Give It To Her .
She Needed It .
I Couldn't Deprive Her Any Longer .

She Rode Me Into Ecstasy Until We Married Love In The Morning .
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 Added: May 21, 2014  
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