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She thought she was alone........

As she walks into her apartment after a long days work, she reaches behind her back, lifting her shirt up, and unclasps her bra. She feels her massive 44DD breasts slide free of the material letting out a soft moan at no longer feeling restricted in the tight constraining bra. She moves her fingertips up her arms, grasping the straps of her unclasped bra, pulling it down, and dropping it to the floor. She moves her hands up and over the breasts, feeling the weight in her hands. Her head tilts back as her fingers twerk her nipples, the knees buckling causing her to sink down onto the couch. One hand sliding down her fleshy belly reaching the button of her jeans. Her fingers defly undoing the button, and sliding down the zipper. She moves her hands to her hips, feeling the soft pudgy skin as she slides her jeans down her ample hips, her supple ass, and her silky legs kicking them off onto the floor. She places one hand back on her massive 44DD breast, and the other on her soft silky pussy lips. She twirls her finger around the small area of soft curls right above her shaved pussy lips, dipping her finger between the folds before dragging it up to her clit. Her back arches as her fingers do their magic, bring her closer and closer to the release she so desperately needs. What a glorious sight she makes as she her body writhes in sweet orgasm, her ample body jiggling in all its natural beauty. As she comes down from her orgasmic high, she rises from the couch and walks into the other room, never knowing that I watch her every move. I see her big ass jiggle as she walks away, her breasts swaying back and forth. She is my sexy BBW Princess and one day I will make her my Queen. Until then, I will continue to watch my Princess in secret, enjoying my daily view from the hidden camera she knows nothing about. Until next time......................
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 Added: May 17, 2014  
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