Erotic Shemale and My Neighbor

I am coming home and there is a guy sitting near my house smoking a cigar. He says hello, I speak back to him. He just keeps looking at me. I am in jeans and a shirt and a coat. Its not cold outside. He ask to come in and get warm. I think he wants to rob me. I am scared. He squeezes my ass and says " I am cool baby, let me in."

I let him in and we start to kiss. We kiss and kiss. My black lips on his lips and then he reaches between my legs. I try to stop it, but his hand moves so fast and he feels the big hard on in my jeans. He says "What the fuck?" I look at him and say sorry baby. He gets mad is about to leave. I don't want him to tell everyone, so I grab him, throw him down and un zip my jeans and say, "You not saying shit your mouth is full. " I take my dick out my jeans and shove it down his throat. Then I take his cell phone and take pictures. His mouth going up and down on my dick and I am just snapping photos. He gets so turned on and his dick gets hard. I am still fucking his mouth, and he starts to stroke himself. I take my cock out and rub my pre cum around his lips. He just looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes. I look back at him and squeeze his jaws together and I take my spit and shoot it down his throat to wet his mouth even more. Then I take my long hard dick and shove it right down his throat. My dick is just getting harder as his mouth is really wet now. His lips start to get sloppy and spit is getting all over my saggy balls full of cum.

I take his body and turn it around and I bend him over my sofa. He says,"What are you doing?" I tell him," Silence. I did not give you permission to speak. From now on I am your black queen and you will not give me problems and you will not tell anyone about this." He said, " I am going to have you kicked out you fag." I tell him, "Wrong answer."

I take his pants and pull them down. He is stronger and taller than me, but he is not really resisting. Something inside himself shows that he wants me. I take him and bend him over and I drive my hard black cock right in his ass. He tries to scream, but I shove his face into the cussion on my sofa. I push my head in his ass, his ass is so sweaty that my dick slips in. He tries to pull forward but the sofa has him there where he can't move. I am pushing harder and harder. I spit on the base of my cock. I keep spitting until my entire dick slides in his ass. I fuck him over and over. I drive this fat cock deeper and deeper. Next thing I know he has cum coming out his cock. I take pictures of it with his phone. I take my shirt and pull it up and show him my nice 36b breast. Then he sucks my breast from other my shirt. I jack my cock off all over his chest. He is ashamed of himself, and he runs out.

I hope he does not tell the landlord.
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