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This is another adventure that my Filipina wife and I recently had. My wife, Liza, is 41 years old, 4'11", and 105 pounds and loves getting fucked by big black dicks. Her pussy used to be really tight but after our last few adventures, my little 5" dick can't satisfy her anymore.

She's recently gone on a date with a 21 year black linebacker from the local University. This adventure is about what happened when we went to his dorm room. He was going to have 3 of his teammates in the room with us. She was there to get the shit fucked out of her and I was there to fluff and be a cum bucket. Sounded like fun to me!!!!

To make it seem kind of vengeful, Liza wore the cheerleading outfit of an arch rival of this University so it would seem like the guys were taking out a recent loss against her and her husband. She's wearing a long jacket to conceal her outfit until we get into the room. When we got to the dorm room, I knocked on the door and Jerome, her recent lover, answers the door. He is 6'1", 250 pounds, and dark as night. He opens the door and lets us in. Inside the room are four, not three, big, tall, young, and very dark football players. There names were Levon, Tony, Frank, and Tyrell. Liza says, "Hi guys, who won the game?". Jerome answers, "We lost". To which Tony said, "I can't believe that we lost to the Tigers!!!". Liza then said, "You mean you lost to the Tigers" as she removed her jacket to reveal her very short Tiger cheerleader sweater and skirt. She also had on white knee high stockings with her long black hair in ponytails down to the top of her butt.
Walking closer to her, Levon asked, "Are you a Goddamn Tiger cheerleader?" "You bet your ass I am!!" replied Liza. "And who is this" Frank asked (who was the biggest of the 5 guys) pointing at me. Liza said, "This is my husband. He's the Tiger's waterboy". All five guys started laughing. Tony pushed me down into a chair and Frank picked up Liza over his shoulder and with his left hand pulled and ripped her white cotton panties off. Liza is pretending to struggle. I try to get up out of the chair but Tony pushes me back down. Levon has since removed his shorts to reveal a semi-hard, 8" dick. Tony pushes me down to the ground on my knees and tells me to lube Levon's dick with my mouth before he fucks Liza. I resist but Tony pushes my face into Levon's crotch. Reluctantly I start kissing and licking Levon's dick. Levon says "Don't lick it, suck it" grabbing his dick with one hand and the back of my head with the other. I open my mouth and he slams his dick down my throat. While this was going on, the other guys have all removed their shorts. All have very large dicks. Levon's, who I'm sucking, is the smallest. Tyrell was licking Liza's pussy and ass while Frank still held her over his shoulder.
I'm sucking Levon's dick and stroking Tony's with my right hand. Frank takes Liza off his shoulder and turns her around so she is facing away from him. He says to me, "Move away bitch and start sucking Tony's dick." I do as I'm told and start sucking Tony's now almost fully erect 10" dick. Frank walks up to Levon and hands him Liza. Levon takes Liza and lowers her onto his fully erect, and lubed by yours truly, 9" dick. Liza yells in pain and pleasure. Liza wraps her legs around Levon has he has both of his large hands on her ass and is lifting her up and down on his dick. I'm currently sucking Tony's dick and stroking Tyrell's. All five guys are lined up in a row. From right to left are Levon, Tony, Tyrell, Frank, and Jerome. Jerome says to me, "Your job here bitch is to keep each of our dicks nice and lubed before we fuck your wife. When we're ready to cum, we're going to hand your wife to the next guy and you're going to suck the dick that was just fucking your wife until he cums. And you better not spill a drop!!!! Do you understand?" I remove Tony's dick from my mouth just long enough to say "Yes, sir."
A few minutes of having his dick squeezed by Liza's tight pussy, Levon lifts her off his dick like she's a little doll and hands her to Tony. Tony slides his dick into Liza pussy and continues to lifting her up and down his dick. I take Levon's dick in my mouth and start sucking and a stroking. A few seconds later, Levon unloads so much cum down my throat that some of it almost leaks out. I manage to swallow it all with spilling a drop. Levon says, "That's a good bitch, now start sucking Tyrell's dick. I move over to Tyrell's dick (it's about a foot long) and start sucking doing my best to get it all down my throat.
Liza, meanwhile, has firmly wrapped her legs around Tony's waist with her hands around the back of his neck. Tony's hands are no longer on Liza's ass but are on his hips. Liza is going up and down on his dick all by herself. Liza screams out loud as she comes. Tony lifts her off his dick and hands her to Tyrell. I take Tyrell's dick out of my mouth as he lowers Liza onto it. I put Tony's dick in my mouth and go to work. Tyrell, without removing his dick from Liza, has managed to turn her around so she is facing away from him. Liza clasps her hands back behind his head and Tyrell grabs Liza's thighs. Tyrell lifts and Liza pulls and vice versa. Looking over, I can now see this huge black dick going in and out of my wife's pussy stretching to the max. Tony starts making some weird noises then all of a sudden thick hot cum is shooting down my throat. He cummed even more then Levon did. I couldn't help it and some of the cum leaked out of my mouth and fell on Tony's foot. He told me to lick the cum off his foot. Like a good cum bucket, I did as I was told. After I cleaned the cum from his foot, I move over to Frank's dick and start sucking.
A little while later when Frank was fucking Liza and I was sucking Jerome's dick (the last of the five), Jerome push me away and says to Frank, "Hold her still". Jerome tells me to start licking my wife's ass and to lube it up really good. Liza stats moving around on Frank's dick but he holds her on his dick. I go over and start licking and spitting on Liza's asshole to lube it up for Jerome. Jerome says to me, "That's enough bitch". He then says to Liza, "ready or not...." and starts to put his 10" dick inside Liza's ass. As far as I know, Liza had never been fucked like this before. Liza starts squirming around and making painful noises. Little by little, inch by inch, Jerome starts working his dick into Liza's ass. This is the scene; two black guys, both over 6 feet tall and over 9 inches long, have my 4 foot 11 inch Filipina wife sandwiched in between them with one dick in her pussy and the other in her ass. Once Jerome was firmly in place in my wife's ass, Frank started lifting her up and down again. Liza was still in pain but started to get more and more pleasure out of it. Frank is about to cum and pulls his dick out of Liza's pussy (Jerome held her in place with his dick in her ass). He sticks his dick in my mouth as one of the other guys takes his place in Liza's pussy. Frank shots a hot load down my throat. One by one, they keep exchanging places between Liza's pussy and my mouth. Finally, Jerome is about to cum, he tosses Liza onto the bed and she just kind of lays there, face down, exhausted. Jerome grabs the back of my head in his hands as he shove's his dick that was just in my wife's ass down my throat. He fucks my mouth as I'm gagging and spit is running out my mouth. He finally releases his cum down my throat. It was the biggest load yet but somehow I had managed to swallow it all.
Meanwhile, Liza is lying on the bed in kind of a fog and one of the other guys has placed his dick in her ass and is fucking her like crazy. When he's ready, he also takes his dick directly from my wife's ass to my mouth. Everyone had a turn with Liza's ass and my mouth. When all was said and done, I must have swallowed 10 or more loads of cum. Some of the guys also released their loads into my wife's pussy, mouth, and ass. I swear that each one must have cummed like three times. We were in their room for about four hours by the time we were done. They wouldn't let us clean up before they kicked out of their room. I still had some cum on my face and was in my underwear and Liza was a wreck and only had her torn skirt to wear. I had to literally carry Liza over my shoulder, naked from the waist up, from their dorm room to our car. A couple of guys saw us and started laughing knowing exactly what had happened. We made it to our car and drove home.

It is now basketball season and Liza has a friend on that team too..................
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