Erotic Squirting Stories

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As our voices carried through out the room
with anger. My fist crashes through the dry
wall leaving an fist size hole in the wall.

I was laying outside laying out to add some
tan to my smooth pale skin all oiled up. As i
was laying there in my cute black and pink

Your body becomes stiff and you grab my head
and hold my mouth in place on your clit. Your
cum is squirting into my

I walked into the room and as soon as I got
there you was already laying down with no
clothes on so I'm thinking to myself like

Well, this was suppose to be a hook up with
this chick i met at the supermarket. i was
there shopping for a few items but when i got

I sat there smiling..
just there waiting around.
Bored as hell

I see myself standing in our bedroom, waiting
for you to walk through the door. I spent so
long preparing for this night. Everything is