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Erotic XXX Hardcore Stories

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It was the end of another long work week and
like always I was going to go home and lock
myself in the house until it was time to go

lay on my bed, thinking about things,
wearing a pair of blue boxers, and I had just
finished taking a shower. I was feeling kind

I don't know what it is. When im with you I
feel so dirty for being so young with you. I
love when you dominate me in sex. I want you

In high school I felt like the only virgin
around. All my friends were doing it, and
while I went out with guys all the time, I

It didn't take long for me to get his pants
down and soon I had his big cock wrapped
around my lips.

Hello everybody !
Last night I masturbated and it felt really
nice. I put two fingers in my mouth to get it

Baby I fantasize about yu lettinq me slowly
slide my tonque around ya clit in a sensual
clockwise motion asz my qentle handsz massaqe

It didn't start out as an ordinary night.
First off there was a severe storm outside
and the news report warned anyone and

It is early evening as we walk through the
woods near the conservatory following a
concert. The concert was a little boring and

I was in a ski lodge last year, just about
every girl and guy there was nothing more
than average, the best pair of tits was the
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