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Erotic 18Teens Stories

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I work long, long hours at a New York digital
media property that shall remain nameless.
It's a super-crazy schedule and I am forever

I was laying outside laying out to add some
tan to my smooth pale skin all oiled up. As i
was laying there in my cute black and pink

well when i was 18 had this 2 female friend
that was cool as shit. now im the type of
dude that chill with mad female and rarely

here i go......

i'm laying down on the couch, sitting there

it was a saturday and i had just gotten out
of school. i had saturday school for ditchin
3 days before. after school i drive to my

Pam was thrilled. She finally managed to get
out of math class. Now she could sneak out
with her friends a whole hour before lunch.