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Erotic Submissive Slut Stories

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Called to make an appointment. I was
instructed to put my cock in a chastity
device. I was also instructed to stop at the

I met my husband almost a year ago. Thats
right, a year ago. Here is how he got me, One
day I decided to use a online dating site. As

When his hand lingered on mine a little too
long, I knew he was hooked. For months I had
been trying to subtly let him know that

I want to be spanked with my panties down and
I want to be fucked like a slut -- I'm
already getting wet right now just thinking

A few months ago Master instructed me to
accept a task that was made to me through a
Yahoo group.

Oh what a night last night woke up being
choked while somebody was eating my PUSSY.
Didn't know what to do, BUT I was so enjoying

A room with dark red walls, empty.. almost..
just the huge bed in the middle of the room..

This is a story about what my lover likes and
things he taught me. I was always a shy girl,
prim and proper till I met my lover. WOW the

I am on a small circular stage in the center
of your private club. The stage is covered
with soft, red velvet and a strong spotlight

It's cold out now and now my favorite time of
year. Warmer weather means I get to wear
short skirts and midriff length tshirts or
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