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Erotic Mature Stories

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Poison Is The Wind That Blows From The North
East Side . : .
"Oh Mercy Mercy Me" - Marvin Gaye

When people hear the word sex addict they

Its early as hell. Im up bout to jump n the
shower I got a interview today. Irish spring
then my green bodywash green means luck and

I had never been on a blind date before but i
let my friend talk me into going on one with
a guy she met through her boyfriend, she

B4 i read this 2 day sumthing made me think
of U... Deep 4 the longest time i have been
try'n 2 get U 2 notice that i would luv 2 B

I know those of you that read the first part
of this are curious as to why my neighbor
shows up nude at my door. Becky, that her

Hola lo que os voy a contar aquí es una
historia real que sucedió hace unos meses.
Andaba yo chateando como habitualmente en el

I wanna show a place
Go ahead come inside
I wanna touch you in a space

A true story, no, really it is...

Since the day that we met in person, which