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Erotic Lesbian Stories

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I had a chick come to me saying she never
knew what it felt like to be with a woman.
She couldn't dance and was totally shy of

After class, I ran to my locker,
unfortunately I ran into my worse villain,
(Rachael Mitchell) The head cheerleader,

It was the end of another long work week and
like always I was going to go home and lock
myself in the house until it was time to go

ok so i stole the title from my face song
fuck faces by scarface. anyways last night me
and my girls all went out to have some drinks

I would like for u to make me cry, while I
grip ur head and moan when the moon is high .
Grip my waist tight wit ur hands then as u

They say I'm.... nasty

Am I?

What is it about a woman's walk...her
talk...the dip in her hips...the way she
licks her lipsss...Mmmmm damn. The way a

This is a poem I wrote about a girl I once
knew. She had the desire to be with another
woman but was so afraid of what everyone else