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Erotic Fetish Stories

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On February 18, 2011, I met a woman in
Seattle, WA. Her name is D***. We went to a
Ramada Inn Hotel. It was anal sex all night.

This store is called The Panty Dare because I
gave one of my little slave a dare that
involved panties. He's a young slave and

I once knew a guy who had a panty fetish; he
love frilly, lacy, thongs, boy shorts with a
wedgie, and thongs. Hw would tell me how he

A room with dark red walls, empty.. almost..
just the huge bed in the middle of the room..

I have a hardcore fetish for sharp and shiny
objects and I also have a very strong love
for fear play. Nothing turns Me on more then

I had this experience once when i was heart
broken and got desperately lonely and i love
to go for a short trip with friends and

I got this guy who has been the ex boyfriend
of my close friend and from the moment they
broke up.. I got no idea that this guy got a

A street with high buildings on either side.
Most of the lighting is broken, the few
lights that work blink and arenít very

My partner kate has a great body but she
always covers it up and even in bed she wears
nickers and a nightdress.

my husband has a huge foot and shoe fetish,
iknew this early on in our
relationship , never said no to him