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Erotic Blowjobs Stories

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So this is one of those usual horny nights. I
had been living in Fayetteville NC for about
a year and half now and had finally gotten a

Im quiet an exhibisionist and do regularrly
walk around local woods naked! I would love
to one day be walking round naked and a young

Where's the weirdest place you have ever had
My adventures have lead me to some pretty

looking into your eyes with a hungry look on
my face
you know, you want my face in that special

He felt his spine tingle n his manhood get
hard she was kissing n liccing him just da
way he like it slow n soft at first then hard

Nothing is more fulfilling than coming home
from my work and a woman is there ready and
willing to please me at all cost. Instructing

As the constant motion of my long tongue, and
different areas of my mouth has pockets. The
1st Flow of cum in my mouth was warm, wet

I knocked on Sara Huff's door knowing that
when she opened the door and looked at the
bulge of my already semi hard cock she's be

A few days ago, before my birthday I was
treated to some special attention from a
special lady friend ket's say a sweet

We hope you enjoy our blogs and read them
from time to time guys. So, here is one true
dirty story about me and my wife Sabrina.
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