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Erotic Amateur Stories

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So this is one of those usual horny nights. I
had been living in Fayetteville NC for about
a year and half now and had finally gotten a

I work long, long hours at a New York digital
media property that shall remain nameless.
It's a super-crazy schedule and I am forever

I can stop thinking about you. I would much
rather be straddling your lap so that I can
place kisses on your lips, ear, neck,down

Whats up all rude heads I was introduced to
RUDE by a sexy young Lady a few years back
say 2010. I would've never known such a site

ok so I happen to run my mouth a lot.
basically the wife always trying suck on some
dick or jerk a nigga off. im all cool for

Guys!! I finally got it! I finally got the
fucking machine! I have not had anything THIS
cool in my 12+ yrs of being in amateur porn!

I took a long hot bath where I played with my
pussy and stuck my finger up my ass and got
off so fucking hard. I was so fucking hot.

His succulent lips pressed against mine and
he slid his tongue into my mouth. The way he
moved his tongue in my mouth instantly cause

While glancing at my page one day I
realized I was running late for work as I got
up from my pc,standing in front of me was one

To many times!~ I find myself alone in my
home with no one to talk to, surfing the web,
refusing to go to bed. Hungry in more then
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