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Erotic Anal Stories

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On February 18, 2011, I met a woman in
Seattle, WA. Her name is D***. We went to a
Ramada Inn Hotel. It was anal sex all night.

I know I am not looking very hard or in the
right places, but damn where are all the gay
of Bi men. I am looking to experience my

I usually go to Houston a couple of time a
year to watch a ball game. I stay at the same
motel each time as it is close and I know my

I met this bar owner who i thought was just
an ordinary guy then all of a sudden he asked
me to come to his place and have a couple of

I never been the one who loves anal. For many
years i tried to voild the subject and even
stop some man from taking it there. But one

I don't know what it is. When im with you I
feel so dirty for being so young with you. I
love when you dominate me in sex. I want you

I was talking to Sara on yahoo messenger and
she stopped repling telling me she was busy,
well each and everytime she says she's busy

I have always been this adventurous woman
when it came to sex and almost anything else,
but anal sex scared me and seemed somewhat

I have her on her knees. Wrist, ankles bound
together then tied to her pony tail. Her tied
pony tain pulls her head back. Everything is

I ate this yung fresh ass one night. She was
fresh and a virgin so I want ed to taste that
ass cause I knew that it was fresh and clean.
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