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Erotic 18 & 19 Yr old Stories

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She Wasn't Supposed To Taste So Sweet .

We Collided From 2 Different Universes .

The truth behind the female game is that
their never are alone. Theirs always some 1
or many helping or assisting them that's the

Juicy had got home from a long day of work;
she went into the bathroom to start the
shower. She began to remove her wet and

phone ringing.....


Stephanie was patiently waiting for her
husband to come from a long of work. She
heard the key in the door; she removed her

I left a message in your voice mail telling
you how horny I was today. Something about
the rain does that to me. Its been three

ok so i stole the title from my face song
fuck faces by scarface. anyways last night me
and my girls all went out to have some drinks

I love how pussy taste when its clean and how
the juices flow from my chin and most of all
when a girl let me pull her hair while she

I don't know what it is. When im with you I
feel so dirty for being so young with you. I
love when you dominate me in sex. I want you

well we just got done haveing some fun.she
wanted to go to her place.
we went and got crazy and she put her her hot
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