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Erotic Stories

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Vicky Jones sat lazily daydreaming in her
private office twirling her fingers through
her long dark shiny hair. The

In the beginning of my sexual escapades (it
wasn’t that long ago, actually.) I had no
idea what I wanted. I had a jaded, dreamy

My boyfriend And I were out in the
countryside driving on the way home
from a pub lunch and I was feeling horny so

Twenty years old six feet 2 inches and not a
bad body [slim] and desided to work out some
as summer was closing in in a couple months.

Marie Jenkins closed her eyes while rotating
her head as she tried to work the kinks out
of her tired neck and shoulders, it had been

I was on ebay looking for bits for my car and
motorcycle when I saw
something called a helmet skirt. It was a bit

my husband has a huge foot and shoe fetish,
iknew this early on in our
relationship , never said no to him

t was already late afternoon, and Beth
Anderson knew she was going to be late for
her appointment.
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