Erotic Stories

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I want to be spanked with my panties down and
I want to be fucked like a slut -- I'm
already getting wet right now just thinking

I met this bar owner who i thought was just
an ordinary guy then all of a sudden he asked
me to come to his place and have a couple of

Today I experience for the first time being a
dom. I loved it. I got to use sounds on a
guy, stretching his urethra wider so

After class, I ran to my locker,
unfortunately I ran into my worse villain,
(Rachael Mitchell) The head cheerleader,

i ended up in a stait jacket mentally and
went through heavily depression. i thought my
computer was hacked and i was seen through my

He felt his spine tingle n his manhood get
hard she was kissing n liccing him just da
way he like it slow n soft at first then hard

It was the end of another long work week and
like always I was going to go home and lock
myself in the house until it was time to go

Everytime we have sex he wants to see me
please myself in front of him. I always work
the hardest because the reward is to suck his

One day I'm online replying to messages and I
get this message from this guy who says he
will do anything to get with me. So I reply;

I love going to glory holes. The whole
anonymity of it really excites me. My
boyfriend took me recently to one in an adult
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